eVoice vs Grasshopper

Virtual Phone Comparisons

About eVoice

eVoice is a virtual phone service that offers customers a virtual phone number. Calls to this number can be forwarded to another number or phone. eVoice includes call forwarding, auto attendant, and call screening features. eVoice also offers call recording, conference calling, and voicemail services.

The company is owned by j2 Global Communications, which also owns Onebox, PhonePeople, and eFax.

What is the difference between eVoice and Grasshopper?

eVoice and Grasshopper are similar, but there are a few features that set them apart.

How much does it cost?

eVoice and Grasshopper have comparable costs, but different structures with different features. For this reason, it’s difficult to compare the two side by side. Before making a decision, make sure you’ve assessed what aspects of a phone system are most important to your business.

300 Monthly Minutes 1000 Monthly Minutes 2000 Monthly Minutes 4000 Monthly Minutes
$12.99/month $29.99/month $49.99/month $79.99/month
Solo Partner Small Business
$26/month $44/month $80/month

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  • Get a local or toll free number, call forwarding, voicemails transcribed, extensions and more!
  • Plans starting at $26/month
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Why should I choose Grasshopper?

Grasshopper offers many more features than eVoice, including extensions, business SMS, and 800 and other vanity numbers. Also, when you purchase a number from Grasshopper you own it and can take it with you if you leave, eVoice technically owns all the numbers you get from them.

What are others saying?

“[eVoice’s] simple approach may be too simple for many. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage to their competitors when you consider the price difference. No queuing, no internet faxing, and no call from web.” -Virtual Phone System Reviews

“Ideal for the small and medium size business, eVoice is a nicely stacked service, but the low number of phone number extensions that come with the various packages and the inability to import contacts and acquire international numbers may prove irksome.” -PC Magazine

“Grasshopper offers a really cool feature to allow you to program the days and hours of day you want each phone number tried when using the find me/follow me feature. This offers users a lot of flexibility when out of the office.” -Virtual Phone System Reviews