Virtual phone extensions for your small business.

Appear bigger and more established with virtual phone extensions from Grasshopper.


What are phone extensions?

Included in each Grasshopper plan, virtual phone extensions allow you to automatically route callers to the information, department, or employee that they need.

With informational extensions, you can share information when customers call (“press 1 for our business hours and location”). Or simply direct customers to the right department or person (“press 2 for sales, 3 for support”).

Virtual phone extensions are cloud-based, so incoming calls to your business number can be re-routed to any mobile device, or automated message, you choose.


How to get virtual phone extensions for your business:

Grasshopper offers phone numbers with extensions that are simple to set up.


Get Grasshopper

Choose a toll-free or local number and select a plan that fits your needs.


Adjust Settings

Easily customize your extension settings from within your online account.


Try it Out

Call your business number and see how professional it sounds!

What are the benefits of business texting?

  • Sound more professional by automatically answering calls with useful info about your company.
  • Make your business look bigger with extensions for separate departments (even if they all forward back to you!).
  • Distribute calls evenly to team members or to the next available with customizable call routing extensions.
  • Enable your employees to customize their extensions with their own voicemail and call forwarding rules.

The simple choice for small business phone extensions.

Get a Grasshopper virtual phone system with extensions, no extra hardware needed.

With Grasshopper, you can outfit any phone with extensions – plus a whole lot more. Take advantage of tools like:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an extension to a phone number?

Simple! If you have an existing number, we can port it to Grasshopper for you so you can add an extension. If you decide to get a new number from Grasshopper, it’s even easier. Just sign in and add extensions to the phone number from the Extensions page.

How many extensions can I have with Grasshopper?

Depends on the Grasshopper plan you purchase. Currently, Solo comes with three extensions, Partner with six, and Small Business with as many as you want! See our plans & pricing.

Can I use Grasshopper for existing phone numbers with extensions in my office?

Yes! Grasshopper can forward calls to many existing PBX phone systems using a feature called PBX Connect, which allows you to enter pauses and extension numbers instead of a simple telephone number. 

Does Grasshopper offer toll-free extensions?

Absolutely. All of our toll-free or vanity phone numbers have them by default. These toll-free extensions for phones acts like regular toll-free numbers do. Customers call free while you pick up the tab.