Refer a Friend & Get a $30 Reward

Know someone who would benefit from using Grasshopper? Refer a friend, then you and your friend will both earn credits toward your Grasshopper account; $30 and $15 respectively. The best part? There are no limits on the number of referral rewards you can earn. It’s simple! Here’s how:


Visit your Grasshopper account for your personalized referral link


Share the link with a friend, or across your social channel


If they purchase and are qualified, you get rewarded!


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: (1) You must be a current customer to be eligible for a $30 referral credit (2) The person you refer must be a net new customer to Grasshopper and be a customer for at least 2 months (3) You can receive a $30 credit on your account for each successful referral. To view more program details, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Any current Grasshopper customer is eligible to participate.

Where can I find my personalized referral link?

Within your admin portal account personalized referral links can be found under the Referral tab, or quickly copy your link on the right-hand bar.

How can I see the status of my referrals?

Status of referrals can be found within your dashboard. Dashboards are located under the Referral tab within your admin portal account.

What makes a qualified referral?

An entrepreneur who has a legitimate legal business, is not an active Grasshopper customer, and has not already been referred by someone else. The referred user must remain a Grasshopper customer in good standing for 2 months to become qualified.

How do I receive the reward?

After the referral becomes qualified, we’ll apply the reward credit to your next invoice – whether monthly or annual.

How many referrals can I submit?

The number of referral rewards you can earn are limitless! You will receive a $30 credit for each qualified referral.