Answer every call professionally with automatic greetings.

Customize your greeting to welcome and direct your customers.


What are custom phone greetings?

A custom phone greeting is a recording that plays automatically when a customer calls.

They can be set to play right at the start as a professional welcome, as a voicemail greeting, or even as an away message when you can’t answer.

Business phone greetings can give your small business a larger and more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live secretary for answering calls.


How to set up a professional phone greeting:

Record business phone greetings on your own or with the help of professional voice actors.


Get Grasshopper

Choose a toll-free or local number and select a plan that fits your needs.


Adjust Settings

Wear a good headset to record from your computer and upload the file to Grasshopper.


Use our Voice Studio

Or, write your phone greeting script and have a professional voice actor record it, for a small fee.

What are the benefits of business phone greetings?

  • Welcome customers with a professionally recorded greeting that can direct their call.
  • Take advantage of automated greetings rather than pay to have an employee standing by.
  • Record a business voicemail greeting so customers never hear your personal voicemail greeting.
  • Let customers know when you’re not available with custom greetings for away and vacation messages.

Professional options for phone greetings.

Sound bigger with custom, professional phone greetings and more.

Business phone greetings and pre-recorded voicemail greetings are just one piece of Grasshopper. When you sign up, you also get access to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record a phone greeting by calling in?

You absolutely can. Recording by phone is just one way to record your business phone greeting or voicemail greeting with Grasshopper. But for the best quality, we recommend using a mic and headset on your computer to record the file and then upload it to Grasshopper.

Can I play different phone greetings on different numbers?

Of course! If you have multiple numbers through Grasshopper, you can have each play a different greeting. Just select the number within Settings and choose which pre-recorded phone greeting you’d like to use.

Can I use Grasshopper to announce employee extensions?

Yes! Grasshopper lets you set up extensions for your employees that customers can search through when they call. You can even record greetings with each employee’s name that will play when searching the name directory.

How does the Grasshopper Voice Studio work?

If you’d prefer to have professionals record your main phone greeting or voicemail greeting, check out the Grasshopper Voice Studio. We have several professional voice actors so you can find the right sound for your business, and we can even record in multiple languages, including French and Spanish. Each recording is a $75 service.