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What is voicemail transcription?

Voicemail transcription converts your voicemails to text so you can read them on your computer, iPhone, or Android device. The voicemail transcription service from Grasshopper helps you quickly and conveniently get the message when you can’t listen to the recording.


How to transcribe voicemail to email:

Grasshopper transcribes voicemails to text for you so you can save time.


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What are the benefits of voicemail transcription?

  • Make decisions faster by browsing your voicemails in email rather than listening and re-listening to the recording.
  • Get important messages when you can’t take a call and reply back easily by texting.
  • Keep searchable records of your business voicemails that you can store in your CRM or lead generation systems.
  • Ensure accuracy with the option to have your transcriptions verified by a human transcriber at no extra cost.
  • Read your messages on the go using the Grasshopper apps for iPhone or Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is this going to take me?

It won’t take you long to write a thank you note. It will take 2-5 minutes per note.

How do I find people's addresses?

You can always send an individual a note via their company address, and it’s easy to find company addresses on their websites. If you can’t find their address via the internet, send them an email and ask. It’s ok to mention you’re sending a surprise.

How long should a thank you note be?

As short or long as you want, but you don’t need to write a lengthy note to be impactful. Short is sweet — we recommend about 50 words.

Do I need branded stationery?

Nope, the thank you is what counts. Branded stationery is a nice touch, but it’s not necessary.

What if I have too many people to thank?

If you’re overwhelmed or crunched for time, use a handwritten letter service like Letter Friend or MailLift. You can also hire a TaskRabbit or virtual assistant to complete the task for you.

What if I have messy handwriting?

Don’t worry about it. Your handwriting is yours, so own it. If you think your writing is too hard to read, you can always ask someone else to write the note on your behalf.