Make business calls using VoIP and WiFi.

A professional VoIP phone service solution for small businesses.


What is VoIP calling?

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) calling uses the internet to make calls, instead of traditional phone lines or cellular networks.

Grasshopper’s VoIP phone service gives you the flexibility a small business needs – call and text from anywhere with an internet connection!

Make VoIP calls with Grasshopper

How to get the Grasshopper VoIP phone system:

Grasshopper provides VoIP and WiFi calling for your smartphone or desktop.


Get Grasshopper

Choose a toll-free or local number and select a plan that fits your needs.


Get the App

Download the Grasshopper app to your desktop, mobile device, or both.


Get Going

In the mobile app, turn on WiFi Calling. The desktop app automatically uses VoIP calling!

Why should I use VoIP or WiFi to make calls?

  • Poor cell reception? No problem. Make business calls over your internet connection instead.
  • Save your minutes and data by switching to WiFi for outbound calls and texts.
  • Ensure you’re always accessible so you never miss important calls or texts.
  • Stay on top of your business communications, from anywhere with an internet connection.
Grasshopper offers WiFi Calling

The professional choice for VoIP and WiFi calling.

An easy way for small businesses to get VoIP phone service.

There's more to Grasshopper than just VoIP and WiFi calling. Get access to tons of great features:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use VoIP or WiFi calling?

There are no additional charges for using these services with the Grasshopper apps. It comes with your Grasshopper subscription!

What is the difference between VoIP and WiFi calls?

VoIP calls are any calls that are made through the internet, instead of through traditional phone carriers. WiFi calls are a specific subset of these calls. WiFi calls are made through a local WiFi network (ex: the wireless network at your home, office, or a coffee shop).
VoIP calls that are not also WiFi calls occur when you can use your carrier’s network (LTE, 4G, 5G, etc) to access the internet to make calls.

What happens if my internet connection is weak while making or receiving calls?

On mobile, we’ll automatically route calls over our normal calling network if we identify a weak signal. There’s no notification or interruption when this happens, and call quality should remain high throughout. Subsequent calls will go back to WiFi when your signal strength improves. From the desktop app, we’re not able to default to your cellular network, so the strength of your connection can impact call quality.

After I enable WiFi calling, will all calls use my internet connection by default?

Yes, as soon as you enable the service, it will be the primary method for making and receiving calls.

Are there any requirements to use VoIP or WiFi with Grasshopper?

The main thing you should be aware of is the strength of your internet connection. See this article for more information on network requirements for making calls using the desktop app.

Will my current desk phone work with the Grasshopper VoIP service

We can forward your Grasshopper calls to any device with a valid phone number. If your current desktop phone is a VoIP phone with an internet connection, there should be no issue. You do not need to enable WiFi calling for Grasshopper in that case. If your desk phone is not connected to the internet, you’ll need to use our Grasshopper desktop or mobile app to take advantage of VoIP or WiFi calling.