Dialpad vs Grasshopper

Virtual PBX Comparisons

What is Dialpad?

Dialpad (formerly Switch.co) is a business phone system with many of the same features as Grasshopper. They offer toll free and local numbers, as well as department lines. The system is designed to work with Google Apps and Office 365. Dialpad offers two levels of plans — Standard and Enterprise.

Dialpad went by the previous name — Switch.co — through March of 2016.

What are some key differences between Dialpad and Grasshopper?

Why should I choose Grasshopper over Dialpad?

How much does it cost?

Grasshopper and Dialpad have different pricing structures and packages, so it’s hard to compare them side-by-side. The most notable difference is that Dialpad charges per user per month, while Grasshopper is the same price no matter how many users you have.

Standard Enterprise
$15 per user per month (annually)
or $20 per user per month (monthly)
$12/month $24/month $49/month $199/month

What do other people think?

“Grasshopper can be used from any location [...] With options such as having a toll-free number, a local number, or multiple extensions, a small business can turn itself into a professional, functioning, office on-the-go.” – Top Consumer Reviews

“If you want something with a lot of features that can help your business grow [and] sound professional like a Fortune 500 company, I'd recommend you to choose Grasshopper.” – Quora

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