MightyCall vs Grasshopper

Virtual PBX Comparisons

What is MightyCall?

MightyCall is a relatively new virtual phone system that is owned by Infratel. MightyCall gives a professional phone presence with an auto attendant, customizable greetings, voice studio, and more. It’s designed for small businesses that need a well-working, professional system.

What are MightyCall’s plans?

MightyCall offers three plans, all with premium features. The Basic plan comes with 2 toll-free or local numbers, while the Standard and Ultimate plan offer 5 or 10 numbers respectively.

MightyCall Pricing:
Basic Standard Ultimate
$19.99/month $49.99/month $99.99/month

The biggest difference between Grasshopper and MightyCall pricing is in the minutes. Grasshopper offers unlimited minutes for all plans, whereas MightyCall doesn’t offer unlimited at all.

Grasshopper Pricing:
Solo Partner Small Business
$26/month $44/month $80/month

What’s the difference between Grasshopper and MightyCall?




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Grasshopper vs MightyCall Reviews

Both systems offer a bundle of features, quality sound and will help you appear professional whether you’re taking the call in your office or on the road. When it comes to selecting a service, however, it’s important to consider user reviews. 

MightyCall Reviews:

MightyCall receives high marks on features, service and pricing, but comes up very short in terms of customer support rating.

You can get it to do just about anything you can imagine for a fraction of the price of other systems. But I have to call MightyCall to have them help me configure it, which they always do promptly and patiently, but sometimes I try to do it myself and it never works as well as if I just call them and have them help me configure it.” – Suzanna Clegg


In addition, the mobile and desktop experience differs which might interrupt productivity for professionals always on the go.

“The process of setting up call flows was fairly simple and intuitive. I liked the control and customization of the call flows and the greetings. The mobile app should have a speaker phone option for voice mail! The navigation is a different experience that lacks cohesion between the desktop and mobile.” – Daniel Voiss


Testimonials from : GetApp.com


Grasshopper Reviews:

Grasshopper reviews highlight how easy it is to customize your needs whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

I can sign in easily, I can get phone messages by text or voicemail. I can easily set up extensions for multiple people with ease. I can add new phone numbers and search for the numbers I want. There is so much I can easily do with this product, and when I have a question, the customer service goes beyond my wildest dreams for being prompt.” – Dr. Kathy McMahon


Grasshopper’s customer support rating also remains higher than competitors.

I love my Grasshopper system. It is very user friendly and I can have all of my employees have their own extension and have more as I grow. It is a little more expensive than the competitors, but I think that for what you get, it is worth it. The customer service alone is worth the price.”


Testimonials from: GetApp.com