Grasshopper vs. Google Voice

A few reasons why Grasshopper is the obvious choice among Google Voice competitors:

24/7 live support based in the US
Robust features built for small businesses
Large selection of toll-free, vanity, or local phone numbers
Free number porting
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No credit card required! No cancellation necessary.


See why Grasshopper is better than apps like Google Voice.

All the communication features you need to help run your small business.


Grasshopper offers live 24/7/365 sales and support options

If you have questions about features, billing, or set up, Google Voice only offers customer support through online forums. Grasshopper has many channels, available 24/7, that you can go through for support such as phone, email, a dedicated support site, Twitter, Facebook and chat! Also, all new Grasshopper customers receive a call from one of our Customer Care agents to help onboard them with their new account. We’re here to help you!


Features that make you look more professional

Google Voice is geared towards personal use and not for small business owners because it does not have business features such as unlimited extensions, multiple phone numbers, customized greetings, auto-attendant and the ability to set business hours. As your business grows, so will your need to manage your clients and call volume. Grasshopper is the only small business phone system with features available on all plans that make professional communication a cinch.


Get a toll-free 800 number and multiple numbers for your business

If you need multiple numbers or flexibility in call routing, Grasshopper gives you the ability to have more than one toll-free, local, or vanity number. You can even have one of each! Google Voice only allows for one local phone number in all of its plans and does not have any toll-free numbers.


Automatically respond to new callers

Instant response helps reduce the risk that your customers might call someone else when you can't answer. When you miss a call from a new contact, Grasshopper can send them a pre-written, automatic text response from you. They can text you back with additional information, or even schedule a time to talk.

A virtual phone system in your pocket.

Grasshopper gives you the features you need to stay connected on the go.


Desktop + Mobile Apps

Stay connected with Grasshopper on your desktop, iPhone or Android device.

Learn more about Mobile + Desktop Apps »


Business Texting

Provide updates and quick replies via text messaging on your business number.

Learn more about Business Texting »


Call Forwarding

Route business calls to your personal phone or to another team member.

Learn more about Call Forwarding »


Voicemail Transcription

Get your voicemails transcribed so you can read them without having to listen to the message!

Learn more about Voicemail Transcription »


VoIP/Wi-Fi Calling

Use your internet connection to make and receive calls when cell reception is poor.

Learn more about VoIP/Wi-Fi Calling »



Set up a voicemail for business calls and get MP3s of your messages through email.

Learn more about Voicemail »


Simultaneous Call Handling

Take calls from multiple people at the same time so no one hears a busy signal.

Learn more about Simultaneous Call Handling »


Virtual Fax

Have incoming faxes delivered as PDF attachments right to your email inbox.

Learn more about Virtual Fax »



Give employees or departments extensions with their own call forwarding rules.

Learn more about Extensions »


Custom Greetings

Record professional messages that welcome your customers when they call in.

Learn more about Custom Greetings »

Incoming Call Control

Screen callers, block calls and set up custom schedules for your business hours.

Learn more about Incoming Call Control »


Call Transfers

Place callers on hold and even transfer them to another number when needed.

Learn more about Call Transfers »



Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with detailed call reports.

Learn more about Reporting »


Business Phone Number

Choose from our inventory of vanity, local, or toll-free numbers. Or port your own for free!


Instant Response

Automatically send a text to new callers when you can’t answer their call.

Learn more about Instant Response »


Ruby Receptionist

Live US-based receptionists can help answer your Grasshopper calls! 

Learn more about Ruby Receptionists  »

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an 800 number with Google Voice?

No. Google Voice does not offer any toll-free numbers (800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888) and only has local numbers available. You can purchase a toll-free number with Grasshopper.

Can I transfer/port a Google Voice number?

When you sign up for Grasshopper, you own the rights to your toll free or local number. If you decide to change service providers, you can take the phone number with you. With Google Voice, the number is not yours. If you wish to change numbers, there is a fee.

Is Google Voice for business?

Google Voice is for any individual consumer, while Grasshopper is a true small business phone system, designed to grow with your business.

How does Google Voice work?

Like Grasshopper, Google Voice is a virtual PBX solution that uses your existing cell phone service to host calls on a different phone number. Also like Grasshopper, Google Voice offers VoIP calling to make calls using an internet connection.

Are International calls included in my unlimited minutes?

International calls are not included at this time. International and off-shore calls are billed at per minute rates based on location, and rates can be viewed here. To enable international calling on your account, please contact our support team. Calls within the US and Canada are free.

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