With the launch of Google Voice this past year, awareness surrounding the virtual phone, virtual pbx, hosted pbx industry has skyrocketed, and here at Grasshopper we have been fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits. More awareness means more people wanting to know what a virtual number is, what a virtual phone system is, how it works, who does this, how it can benefit them and how they can get it?mr-green-of-grasshopper-sitting

It also means more people asking, 'What is the difference between Grasshopper and Google Voice?'.

The first thing we say is, Grasshopper is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs versus the general consumer. We are dedicated to helping our customers sound professional, stay connected and ultimately grow their business.

That being said, our feature set has been built as a focused set of tools for entrepreneurs and their businesses - that is really the key difference.

Below we have highlighted just a few of the core features of the Grasshopper virtual phone system – all items not available with Google Voice:

Toll Free 800 Numbers

Phone Number Ownership

Multiple Extensions

Multiple Numbers in ONE Account

Voicemail Transcription

24/7 Live Support

Away Greetings (After Hours, Vacations, Holidays etc.)

On Hold Music

We hope that answers any questions you have but if not, please feel free to contact our previously mentioned “live 24 hour/7 days a week” support team at 800-820-8210.

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This article was written by Allison Canty.