In today's economy, it’s important to make your business seem like number one. That means as a small 1-5 person business, you need to look and sound as professional as the big guys. An 1 800 number can not only help you sound bigger but can also make life easier for everyone. Here are seven reasons your small business should have an 800 number:

  1. An 800 number centralizes your business. Even if your employees are located in five different states, you still only need one number.

  2. It's easier for customers to remember your number, especially when you use vanity numbers (think 1-800-Flowers).

  3. Customers are more likely to call an 800 number simply because it’s free!

  4. You own your 800 number. Change businesses, locations, etc...the number is still yours.

  5. They are easily transferable. Your business has grown tenfold and you need a bigger phone system but you don't want to have to change your number. Good news, you don't have to! Take it with you.

  6. Every number comes with a flexible plan based on your need for minutes and features. Just want to reserve a number? For $9.95 a month you can get the number you want and hold onto it.

  7. 800 numbers provide you with a variety of helpful features like call forwarding, voicemail, and unlimited extensions. As your business grows, so does your phone system.

An 800 number is a valuable asset and can give your small business the professional look and feel it needs. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ or call customer support 24/7at 1-800-820-8210.