There’s nothing small about small businesses — they're the backbone of the American economy. Over 99.9% of companies in the U.S. are small businesses, and 80% are sole proprietors or ‘solopreneurs’. They drive innovation, economic growth, and national prosperity.

However, solopreneurs face many unique challenges — especially regarding technology. How can you stay connected with customers while on-the-go without complex tools and equipment that cost an arm and a leg?

The good news is there's an app for that. Read on to see how you can stay on top of everything as an army of one.

Let's get onto the same page: What is a solopreneur?

A solopreneur is an individual who starts, owns, and operates their own business. They wear many hats and are often responsible for all aspects of their companies — from product or service development to marketing, to customer service and administrative tasks.

These individual operators are independent, resourceful, and self-reliant. They demonstrate tenacity and flexibility by quickly adapting to marketing changes with a can-do attitude. So, how do we help them to make their hard work pay off by leveraging the latest technology?

Top challenges faced by today's solopreneurs

To take your business to the next level, you must understand the challenges you may encounter as a solopreneur. Pay attention to them before they sneak up on you:


Stay on top of your game with a virtual phone system

No magic wand will solve all the challenges, but a virtual phone system is a small hinge that moves a big door. Cloud-based technology gives you access to the latest telecommunication features without the enterprise price tag. Here are the top benefits of using a robust virtual phone system:

User-friendly technology
A virtual phone system is easy to use — you can turn any device, like a smartphone, tablet, or computer, into a softphone by installing a mobile or desktop app. You don't have to waste time and energy on clunky onboarding or cumbersome equipment installation.

Affordable price point
You don't need to invest substantially upfront to purchase hardware or licenses. Instead, you can access the tools you need when you need them with a low monthly fee. Meanwhile, your provider is responsible for maintenance tasks, so you don't have to shoulder the expenses.

A professional image
A virtual phone system allows you to manage calls to your company number on your personal devices while keeping your business and personal life separate. You can juggle sales, customer service, administrative tasks, and more all in one place without losing your cool.

Access to new features
Access to upgrades and new features is part of your subscription plan. You can deliver a modern customer experience, meet consumer expectations, and stay competitive without paying for expensive equipment or software upgrades.

Grasshopper's virtual phone system keeps solopreneurs connected

Grasshopper's True Solo package is designed for today's solopreneurs. It's easy to set up and simple to use — it just works. Our purposeful features and streamlined onboarding flow allow you to reap the benefits of a virtual phone system from day one.


At Grasshopper, we believe solopreneurs and small businesses play a critical role in our economy and society. We're proud to provide the latest technology purpose-built for your needs to help you grow your business without the high price tag or complex tech stack. Learn more about our plans and get your virtual phone number today.