Entrepreneur Mom Working from Home with a Baby

Your mom is, has been, and always will be your greatest mentor. When you’re down on your luck, she’s the person who cheers you on. When you’re at your most awesome, she’s your biggest fan.

Where would you be without her? Nowhere.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re aware that life is full of major ups and downs. Even in the midst of financial instability and change, you will always have what Mom gave you — your smarts, self-esteem, and resilience.

This Mother’s Day, impress Mom by spearheading your top traits into overdrive. Make her proud with a killer work ethic!

1. Keep Your Room Clean (Stay Organized)

Life gets tiring and exhaustion makes it tough to stay organized. Remember when Mom helped you clean your room? Well, thankfully, there are _so, s_o many technology solutions out there to help you stay sane, just like she did.

2. Be Healthy

What good is your multi-million dollar venture or game-changing idea if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy the ups and make it through the downs? Mom spent her days making sure you were happy and healthy, so don’t let her hard work go to waste.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, think like an entrepreneur and raise the stakes. Compete against yourself, join a community (like CrossFit’s), or bet against yourself by using an app like GymPact.

It’s important to take care of yourself. Being an entrepreneur can be grueling at times and without Mom there to remind you to drink your milk, eat your veggies and go outside and play,  it’s easy to forget how important these things are for your mind, body, and health. Do these things every day, regardless of how busy you get.

3. Quit Nagging Your Team

Nobody likes a nagger, and Mom would hate to hear you’re being a brat. Make a point to be a confident, kind and well-spoken leader and team-player.

Just as Mom inspires you to be your best, be an awesome leader who empowers your team to learn, flourish, and grow. The ability to mentor and influence is a powerful leadership trait. Being a team player is equally important. Don’t discount others ideas because they’re less senior than you are. Be a good listener, and quit nagging.

Empower your team by giving them ownership and by encouraging them to explore and apply their many talents. A happy and inspired organization will inevitably boost your own productivity and bottom line.

4. Smile and Stay Positive

Mom loves it when you’re happy. She wants to hear that you’re doing well, and that you’re surviving life’s storms with a positive outlook. She wants to know that you have the drive to reach the stars.

No matter what, smile. When times get rough, collaborators back out, and you’re struggling to acquire your first customers, don’t get down. Smile, laugh, and remember that the downs of entrepreneurship are an invaluable part of the journey. Stay positive, and always look for the silver living.

Mom wouldn’t want to you to work at a job you hate, or do something just because you feel like you’re supposed to. Make choices that make your life better. Your happiness and optimism are sure to get her approval.

5. Be in the Know (Be Her Technology Teacher)

When Mom joined Facebook, your gut reaction was probably to run and hide. Now, it’s kind of cool when she likes your status updates and posts photos to your wall (…or is it?). Remember what got her into Facebook in the first place?

That’s right. It was you.

Mom is constantly inspired by how seamlessly you’ve integrated technology into your life. She wants that same talent, but adopting the latest technology might be a bit tougher for her. After all, she didn’t grow up with a laptop chained to her side. She needs you to show her the ropes — how to text, how to share videos on YouTube, and how to Tweet.

It’s your turn to show her the ropes, so take all the knowledge you’ve gained as an entrepreneur, and make her proud.

What makes your mom proud? Share your most powerful mom (and business) stories in the comments section below.