Technology Companies

Toll Free Numbers for Your Tech Company

Technology Companies
  • An 800 number allows small technology companies to sound bigger and more professional.
  • Call routing extensions allow you to distribute calls evenly among your support staff.
  • Voicemail to Email delivery ensures members of the team stay connected and never miss an important message.
  • Create multiple extensions for sales, service and support.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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The Virtual Phone System for Technology Companies

Features Your Tech Business Needs

800 Numbers

800 numbers are a great way to give your small business a professional image and your customers an easy way to reach you. Find true 800 numbers along with 888, 877 and 866 numbers.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding one of the best features of our virtual phone system. Forward calls to any phone with any number. Perfect for when you or your employees are located in different cities or work from home.

Voicemail to Email Delivery

Out of the office? Traveling? Every time a voicemail is left on your phone extension, an email will be sent to the specified address letting you know that you have received a new voicemail. An MP3 will also be included so you can listen to your voicemail right there on your computer or phone.

Call Routing Extensions

If you have a support staff it is important that callers are able to speak with a member of the team as soon as possible. With call routing extensions you can ensure calls are distributed appropriately and your callers never hear a busy signal.

Read Your Voicemail

Read Your Voicemail is the latest feature of the Grasshopper virtual phone system. Have your voicemail transcribed and emailed to you with human transcription available at no extra cost.


Set up extensions for everyone in your office or company for no extra charge. Every plan from Grasshopper includes extensions, each with their own voicemail and call forwarding feature.

Professional Voice Studio

Because not everyone feels comfortable being the voice of the company, we offer professional voice talents to record your company's greetings. Simply write the script and the voice studio will record it for you in no time.

Live Call Transfer

With a virtual phone system you don't have to worry about missing calls or hanging up on callers. Live call transfer allows you to transfer a caller to another extension on the spot.

Business SMS

Business SMS helps you keep in touch from anywhere in the quickest and most convenient way — texting. You can send and receive SMS messages from your business number to maintain a professional image no matter where you’re working from.

Have Questions on the Grasshopper Virtual Phone?

Our support staff is in another state. Do we need a separate number?

No. You can still use the same toll free or local number. Simply create an extension for your support team to have calls sent to that office. Call routing extensions also ensure calls are distributed evenly to the support staff so callers never hear a busy signal.

Our employees are often traveling on business. How can clients reach them without giving out their cell phone number?

Simply create an extension for each employee and have calls forwarded to their cell or home phone.

Our company is growing pretty quickly, is there a cost to upgrade our plan?

There is no cost to upgrade your Grasshopper virtual pbx plan. Simply log in to your Grasshopper account and under "My Account" choose upgrade plan.

Can I have voicemails transcribed?

Voicemails are always emailed to your account. Our unlimited voice to text features is only $10 a month and includes human voicemail transcription at no extra charge. The Read Your Voicemail feature is a great way to get your messages when you can't take a call.

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