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Financial Services
  • Call forwarding ensures no one misses an important call when out of the office.
  • Away greetings allow your business to project a professional image even after hours.
  • A toll free 800 number gives your small business a large feel and sound.
  • Online account management allows you to track calls and minutes online.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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The Virtual PBX System for Financial Services

Features Your Financial Business Needs

800 Number

800 numbers are a great way to give your small business a professional image and your customers an easy way to reach you. Find vanity numbers, true 800 numbers and 888, 877 and 866 numbers.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding an integral part of any virtual phone system. Forward calls to any number on any phone. Perfect for when you or your employees are located in different areas or work from home.


Grasshopper voicemail is not only customized to your business but also includes features like voicemail to email delivery, read your voicemail and play it on mobile ensuring you never miss an important voicemail, despite what you are doing at the time of the call.

Away Greetings

Create custom greetings for the times you can't be in the office. Specify office hours, holidays or vacations. Grasshopper lets you sound professional to your clients and customers even when you aren't there.

Professional Voice Studio

Not everyone feels comfortable being the voice of the company. Which is why we offer professional voice talents with the Grasshopper virtual phone system. Having a professional create your company's main greeting is simple. You write the script and they record it.

Custom Main Greeting

As a small business , it is important to sound professional to your customers in order to establish trust. A professional greeting and introduction to your company can go a long way toward establishing a larger appearance and is easy to set up with the Grasshopper virtual phone system.

Online Account Management

Track calls, minutes and voicemails in the online account management system. You can even save contacts, tag messages and see where your calls are coming from.

Business SMS

Business SMS helps you keep in touch from anywhere in the quickest and most convenient way — texting. You can send and receive SMS messages from your business number to maintain a professional image no matter where you’re working from.

Have Questions on the Grasshopper Virtual Phone?

We have several members constantly out of the office. Can calls be forwarded to their cell phones?

Calls can be forwarded to any number on any phone (office, cell or home). You can even adjust the dates and times for when you don't want calls forwarded.

We already have a toll free number. Can we transfer it to Grasshopper?

Transferring your toll free number is easy and you will still have ownership of it. There is a one-time handling fee of $30 for number transfers.

Can each member of the company have their own extension and call forwarding?

Every Grasshopper plan includes unlimited extensions, allowing your virtual phone system to grow as your company grows.

We would like to have a custom commercial for our callers. How can we do this?

For custom on hold music or main greetings, we have a professional voice studio you can use or simply upload it yourself.

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