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What is a virtual PBX?

A PBX, or private branch exchange, is a phone system for an enterprise or office that connects telephone lines during a call. Human operators did the switching in the past. Now it’s automatic – and available in the cloud!

A Virtual PBX is hosted by a service provider in the cloud, making it not only more affordable, but easier to use for startups and small businesses. You can get professional phone system features like automated greetings and VoIP on your existing smartphones, no matter where you work.


How to set up a small business virtual PBX:

Grasshopper makes it simple to get connected without the extra hardware.


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What are the benefits of virtual phone PBX?

  • Save on hardware expenses by making and receiving business calls on your existing phones.
  • Get set up faster – no need to fumble with wires or hire a professional.
  • Easily customize your phone system for your company’s needs or business hours.
  • Take advantage of features that traditional services don’t have, like voicemail transcription and business texting.

The simple choice for small business phone extensions.

Get a Grasshopper virtual phone system with extensions, no extra hardware needed.

Grasshopper turns your phone into a cloud-based PBX for small business, packed with plenty of communication features:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does virtual PBX work?

It works over the internet. Rather than connect calls through traditional on-site equipment, virtual PBX service providers use a virtual switchboard phone system to forward incoming calls to the numbers you choose. You can make outbound calls, and even send texts, from your virtual number too.

What is a cloud PBX? What’s a hosted PBX service? Are they different?

They’re one and the same! Along with many other names like them (virtual PBX, online PBX phone system, etc.), they refer to a private branch exchange that’s offered as a service through the internet.

Can I switch my current business number to a virtual PBX system?

Absolutely! We can port your number for you when you sign up for Grasshopper.