Call Routing Extensions

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Call Routing Extensions
  • Perfect for sales calls
  • Place multiple callers on hold
  • Distribute calls evenly to extensions and departments
  • Create custom on hold music for callers
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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Ensure calls are routed equally to everyone

Frequently asked questions about call routing extensions:

If I have 5 sales reps on my team, can incoming calls be distributed randomly among them?

Yes, you can create rotational extensions that automatically distribute incoming calls evenly to a group.

Can callers be put on hold indefinitely in a queue?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues can keep callers on hold indefinitely until one of the call is answered.

Do callers have the option of leaving a message if they don’t want to hold any longer?

Yes. Callers can press * at any time to go directly to voicemail.

Can I have custom on hold music?

Yes, Grasshopper offers custom on hold music. Upload your favorite song for callers to listen to, or pick a track that you think best fits your business. You may also have different music on different extensions. Want to give your callers more information while they’re on hold? Create a custom on-hold commercial mixing music with marketing messages. Uploading greetings or on hold music is easy.

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