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Online Call Reports
  • View reports online
  • Get usage and call statistics for phone numbers and extensions
  • Advanced search capabilities make it easy to find what you are looking for
  • Tag, map and view voicemails
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Keep Track of Minute Usage and Call Details

Frequently asked questions about online call reports:

What do online call reports show?

Call reports include time and date, caller ID, extension dialed, duration, and type of call (hang up, connected, etc.). You can choose to view all calls or narrow down your search to only include specific information such as incoming faxes or specific area codes.

Can I export call reports?

Yes, reports can be exported in many different formats, including Excel, PDF and plain text.

Can I email call reports?

Not through Grasshopper directly, but after you’ve exported a report, you can, of course, email the file using your own email solution.

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