Your emails connected to your business number.

See the big picture with email integration.


What is email integration?

Email integration is the process of syncing your email account to your business phone number in the Grasshopper Connect app. By doing this, you are able to view your client’s emails next to their phone calls, texts and voicemails.


How to integrate your email:

Spend less time checking various inboxes with email integration.


Get Grasshopper Connect

Download the app and choose a local, toll-free, or vanity number for your business. (Or port your own!)


Add your Email

Sign into your email account to add your business email.


Try it Out

Compose an email and start a conversation today!

Why should I integrate my email?

  • Use an existing email account. There’s no need to create a new email address for business.
  • Stay more informed by seeing emails next to calls, text, and voicemails.
  • Gain greater context by seeing all past emails with one contact instead of just the most recent thread.
  • Save time and respond faster with only one inbox to maintain and check.

The professional choice for email integration.

Easily integrate your emails with other business communications.

Grasshopper Connect’s email integration is just one of the great features to help you keep track of your client communications. When you sign up, you get many great features to go with it:

  • A business phone number to help establish your company’s brand.
  • Unified messaging so you can respond via text, call or email – all from the same place!
  • A separate business contact list so you stay focused on work without the personal distractions.
  • A timeline view of every communication with any business contact so you keep track of everything.
  • Business texting and voicemail so you can respond faster and win more business.

Explore Grasshopper Connect's top features:


Business Phone Number

Choose from our inventory of vanity, local, or toll-free numbers. Or port your own for free!


Business Contacts

Keep business contacts separate from personal contacts.

Learn more about Business Contacts »


Unified Messaging

Manage business calls, texts, and emails in one spot so you never lose track.

Learn more about Unified Messaging »


Timeline View

See all interactions with a business contact, no matter how they reached out.

Learn more about Timeline View »


Email Integration

Integrate an existing email account. No need to create a new business email.

Learn more about Email Integration »


Mobile App

Work from anywhere with Grasshopper Connect on your mobile phone.

Learn more about the Mobile App »


Business Calling

Make calls to clients on your business number from your personal phone.


Business Texting

Provide updates and quick replies via text messaging on your business number.

Learn more about Business Texting »


Hold Incoming Calls

Send incoming calls to voicemail instead with the flip of a switch.


Call Blocking

Stop numbers you choose from ever reaching you.



See business voicemails next to texts and emails.

Learn more about Voicemail »


Ruby Receptionist

Live US-based receptionists can help answer your Grasshopper calls! 

Learn more about Ruby Receptionists  »

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send texts internationally?

Only between the US and Canada for now. With very few exceptions, Grasshopper business texting works for toll-free and local numbers in both countries. Note that we can’t send texts from a toll-free number to a Canada number just yet, but we’re working on it. We’re also looking to add more countries, so stay tuned!

Is there a limit to how many texts I can send?

Nope. We’re all about being limitless, so send as many business SMS messages as you want.

I’m already a Grasshopper customer. How can I add the business SMS feature to my number?

Easy. Just log in to your online account, head to the Settings page, and add the feature. You can also call us at (800) 279-1455 if you’d like a hand.

How will I know when a business text comes in?

Every text will show up in the Texts section of the Grasshopper apps. You can also enable push notifications so you’ll always know right when they arrive, just like you would with your personal text messages.

Can I send a group text message with Grasshopper?

Yep, but there’s one restriction. Group texting for business only works if you are sending from a local Grasshopper number. It’s not possible yet from toll-free numbers. And just a heads up, everyone on the group message thread will see all the recipients’ numbers and all replies.

Can I send picture messages (MMS)?

Yep, but there’s one restriction. Picture messaging (MMS) for business is not possible yet from toll-free numbers. But for any of our local numbers, you’re good to go!