Twitter Tuesday

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably on Twitter. Maybe you even clicked a Tweet sent out by us or one of our friends to get here, but do you consider yourself a Twitter fiend?

Maybe you think you know why Twitter is important, or maybe you’re just starting out and you’re not sure how to leverage a Twitter account for a business.  Last year, 175 million tweets were sent out and the USA has the most tweeters of any country in the world. It’s time to jump on the Twitter train with full force. Having a Twitter account is no longer enough- you need to be using it. Chugga chugga Choo choo!

_Why be a Twitter fiend? _

Customer Service

If people have a question, concern, or complaint about your business, they’re likely to turn to Twitter or another online source, so you better have someone manning the account. One recent study showed that 82 percent would like their inquiries addressed online!  Not only that, but these people wanted answers fast.

It happens to us here at Grasshopper. Sometimes people have a question that they need resolved on Twitter regarding a certain feature or a new account. We do our best to answer questions as soon as they get asked.

@joeypettinelli Hi there - yes it is! You can get it from the app store.

— Grasshopper (@Grasshopper) March 24, 2013

Brand Awareness

Tweeting regularly ensures that your brand gets some of the spotlight. If customers follow you, they’re reminded of what you do and are given easy access to the resources you provide. Competitors, partners, friends, and others can always keep tabs on what you’re up to, noting which events you’ll be at and what you’re doing in real-time.

Don’t let your name slip away from the brains of your customers and friends. If they keep seeing your company's name pop up in their Twitter scroll, they’re more likely to remember how cool you are!

Networking and Connections

Twitter is the holy grail of connections. It’s the best social media outlet to keep up on casual relationships and partners, especially for entrepreneurs and startups! If you go to a conference or event, or connect with someone over a partnership opportunity, it’s an awesome idea to follow their company or personal Twitter handle. That way, you won’t forget about them and what they do. They’re likely to follow you back, and then they won’t forget about you or your company!

Tweeting Often = Success

So why isn't having a Twitter account enough? Well, Twitter happens in real time andRetweets many businesses out there are tweeting every hour, or even more often than that! If you want to be competitive, it's essential that your followers see your tweets. Data from TrackSocial showed that tweeting between 4 - 5 times per day is the best recipe. Brands that tweet at this level see many more retweets than those who tweet just once per day.

What have you found helpful when using Twitter? Do you think it's a worthwhile social network for business promotion?

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