If you’re like me, you probably have a few blogs you read religiously each week, so you appreciate the content and understand the premise of having a blog.

But when it comes to creating and maintaining a blog for yourself— maybe you’re not sure where to start.... or maybe you don't think it's worth it.

Guess what? You’re not alone.

Lots of small business owners are asking themselves, “What the heck do I post on a blog? Should I ramble on about my services or share a few photos from a recent event? And what’s the point of taking the time to do that?”

No more staring at a blank page with that silly cursor blinking back at you. We’ve got some ideas for blog content that might be just what your small business is missing. And for people who aren't sure whether or not the endeavor is worth it, this post will help you get a better idea of when a blog isn’t such a good idea.

Share Your Knowledge

Blogs are a great place to share the information you’ve gathered over time. Offering free information allows you to build trust with your audience and to establish yourself as a valuable resource.

What to post:

Example: Campaign Monitor’s helpful blog


Why it works:

Keep Your Readers Informed

If there are exciting things happening at your small business—your blog is the perfect place to write about it. A blog can act as your business journal where you write in longer form than social media (and offer a greater level of detail).

What to post:

Example: Copyblogger introduces new staff


Why it works:

Start a Conversation

Your blog is also a great place to start a conversation with your audience. When the subject matter is relevant and invites the reader to participate and share his/her own perspective on a topic, you create an opportunity to interact.

What to post:

Example: Kind Snacks on Living Life


Why it works

Boost Your SEO

Search engines value fresh, recently published content. So each time you write a blog post, you’re creating more direct links to your website and publishing new content for search engines to pull up in search results.

What to post:

Example: Ugmonk’s product linking


Why it works:

Share a Unique Perspective

Have some interesting connections with insight to share? Interviews are perfect for a blog post! Whether your Q&A happens with a relevant outsider or a noteworthy client—these stories offer readers some exclusive perspective.

What to post:

Example: InVision Designer Interviews


Why it works:

Invite Guest Bloggers

What’s better than creating your own content all the time? Letting someone else shine on your behalf. Guest blogger partnerships can lead to reaching new audiences and unique content creation.

What to post:

Example: Evernote’s Expert Tips


Why it works:

When You Shouldn’t Write a Blog

While blogging might sound like a great new opportunity for many small business owners, there are still some instances when you should focus your efforts elsewhere.

Your Turn: We’d love to hear from you—does having a blog help your business? Or is it a time suck that you’re not seeing any benefit from?