With the recent sale of Skype combined with the number of customers asking how they can use Skype with Grasshopper, we figured now was a perfect time to answer the question.

First let us just say, we love Skype! It’s a great tool and we want to help you understand how you can use it with Grasshopper to create a powerful (and inexpensive) professional image for your business.

How can I use Skype with Grasshopper?

You can combine your Grasshopper and Skype systems for both inbound and outbound calling.

To use Skype for inbound calling, you simply forward your Grasshopper number to your SkypeIn or online number.

To make outbound calls:

The nice thing about Skype is it that when used with Grasshopper, it can help your business stay connected and sound professional at a low cost. Wins for all.