Toll free numbers are a great tool for any business and are extremely easy to get these days. You can search and buy an 800 number as easily as you can a t-shirt (Note: A toll free number will probably have a more positive impact on your business than a t-shirt).


But if you are wondering just how a toll free number can help your business, we have listed 3 key benefits to toll free numbers:

1. Professionalism

As anyone familiar with Grasshopper knows, one of our brand promises is to help entrepreneurs sound professional. A toll free number not only helps your small business look big, but it also helps it look (and of course sound) professional.

Would you feel more comfortable buying from a business with a standard voicemail message or a company with a dedicated business number and professional greeting?

2. Consistency

As your business grows, you may realize that your cell phone just isn't cutting it anymore. You need a dedicated phone number and an actual phone system for your business. Extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.

Do you really want to have to switch your number because your business is succeeding? You'd have to change business cards, social profiles, websites and marketing materials, all costing you time and money.

With a toll free number you never have to worry about changing your phone number. Toll free numbers are portable and can be transferred to any service you choose. They also can grow as your business grows. Are you a one person operation? You can have your toll free number forwarded to your phone. As you become larger and add employees, you just have to add extensions. You never have to worry about changing your number.

3. Cost

Toll free numbers are affordable for you and your customers. You can get a toll free number with a virtual pbx service for as low as $9.95 month. That includes all the great features we touched on above (call forwarding, extensions, voice mail, on-hold music & more). That's less than $120 for your business over the course of a year!

As for your customers, they aren't charged for calling you regardless of how long it takes to solve their problem.

Toll free numbers are a cost-effective way to help your business sound professional, project a strong brand and help your customers reach you.