The Importance of Creating a Great Landing Page

Many website owners assume simply having traffic come to their website means sales will happen. They are often frustrated when they realize their visitors aren't buying. One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have with getting good conversions is using the right landing page. Making changes to your landing page can increase your conversions by 40%. Investing time building traffic is a must for any website, but traffic is useless if it's not monetized.

If your sales aren't as high as you were expecting, ask yourself these questions to see what you can do to improve your landing pages:

1. What conversions were you expecting?

What are you optimizing your landing pages for? Are you trying to get sales? Collecting email addresses? Have your goals laid out before you put the page together. You will likely have different goals for different sections of your site, and therefore will need multiple landing pages.

2. Use the right headline.

Readers see headlines first. Make sure they understand the purpose of the page. Then they may actually be motivated to read it.

3. Make your call to action clear and personable.

Guide your reader step-by-step. You may think it's self-explanatory, but they may not. Use second person pronouns to engage your readers. This will help you establish a connection with your reader and make your point clearer.

4. Lead and persuade.

Make your call-to-action compelling and professional. Marketers wouldn't exist if people didn't need a little convincing. Know what they want and why. Then explain how you are going to deliver.

5. Structure your content strategically.

Break your paragraphs up and place your key points at the beginning. People come across many web pages every day. They have limited time and filter through the garbage. If it takes three seconds to grab their attention, then expect them to move on. Be more direct and keep their attention through the entire page. Understanding how people read and process is key. Writing to them will come more naturally when you've taken the time to do so.

Creating a good landing page is key to getting conversions. Know how to structure your content according to how your customers think. If you know how to persuade, then you will have an easier time reaching your goals. Know your goals, your customer and how to connect the two.

Our friends over at Formstack put together a great infographic that covers all this and more.  Check out the Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page [Infographic].