Here at Grasshopper, we have a very loyal and amazing customer base. They are continuously telling their friends about our service via Twitter, Facebook and of course through our referral tool, Spreadable.

What is Spreadable?

If you haven’t heard about Spreadable, it’s a new tell a friend tool from our parent company, Grasshopper Group. But it actually came to be right here on

For those of you who have ever seen or used the Refer an Entrepreneur button on our site, that’s Spreadable!

A few years ago, we wanted a better way for our customers to refer our product. We tried a couple of different tools but nothing really fit our needs, so we built our own. The result?

And that’s how Spreadable was born. It’s a simple product that integrates with both email and social tools and it’s easy to use. Plus, you can track the results!

It comes with back-end analytics and conversion tracking so you know who’s referring you and what’s happening with those referrals.

I don’t know what you’re currently using for referrals but it’s probably not as awesome as Spreadable. We highly suggest you go check it out!