PeerBackers LogoEver have an idea you wish you could put into action but don’t have the money to get the idea off the ground?  Or, do you have a great idea but are short on money for some final touches needed to open the doors?  Imagine if all of your friends donated a small amount to help you get your business going.  Wishful thinking, right? Wrong!

Thanks to this cool new company peerbackers, raising money for your startup has never been easier.

What is peerbackers?

peerbackers helps facilitate crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, like us, to help get their companies started.  Co-founders Sally Outlaw and Andrew Rachmell are both repeat entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping others with their startups.  They know firsthand the difficulty in raising capital to fund ones ideas, hence why they created peerbackers.

The idea behind peerbackers is simple; it is a guilt free way to reach out to your family, friends, social and professional networks to raise money in support of your idea.  Crowdfunding exists for things such as disaster relief and political campaigns, but never for ideas, until peerbackers.

What makes peerbackers great?

peerbackers makes funding accessible to everyone and anyone with a great idea, project, business, or invention, removing funding as an obstacle for startups.  As an entrepreneur, you can now rely on your personal and professional network for funding, instead of investors or a bank.  The funding can come from anyone, including strangers who simply just believe in your idea! peerbackers is a win-win situation for both you and your backers.  Anyone who donates to you, known as a “backer”, receives a reward in exchange for their donation.

If you’re having trouble believing crowdfunding actually works, peerbackers is proof.  peerbackers used the collaborative process of both crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to get their company off the ground.  They used their own personal network for startup capital, and then took to crowdsourcing for the design of their logo.  They literally practice what they preach!

I highly recommend checking them out at There are some pretty cool projects that need “backing” or you can submit your own.