Meetings. Conferences. Cars. What do they all have in common? They are all places you can't always answer your phone.

As an entrepreneur running your small business there is a lot of traveling, meetings and times you simply can't take a phone call or listen to a voicemail.

That’s why Grasshopper is excited to announce our NEW feature - Unlimited Voice to Text.

The Voice to Text feature will do just what it sounds like; take your voicemail and transcribe it into an email, giving you the ability to view your voicemail. You can read the transcription of your voicemail on your phone or your computer without having to listen to it.

The feature is free to all new customers and existing customers.


The new Unlimited Voice to Text feature is available to all new and existing Grasshopper customers for free. The voicemail transcriptions are done digitally to ensure your privacy and a quick turnaround. 

To learn more about the new Unlimited Voice to Text feature or how you can become a Grasshopper customer visit Grasshopper.com.

*The Unlimited Voice to Text is now referred to as 'Read Your Voicemail'

*As of 4/28/2010 there will be no free trial upon signup