We are about a third of the way through the migration of our customers off the old GotVMail platform and onto the Grasshopper platform.  I’m amazed to learn just how inventive our customers are in configuring the old system to do things that were not originally anticipated.  Fortunately, our customers will have many more options to configure their system to meet their unique business needs once they are migrated to Grasshopper.

On the other hand, all of the custom settings and unique configurations that are in use today have certainly been keeping our migration team challenged to ensure a smooth transition between platforms.  Rest assured that we are moving cautiously to handle the many nuisances in configurations and to make certain that our customers’ accounts are being migrated to Grasshopper as seamlessly as possible.

Could we miss something? Possibly.  But don’t worry; our support team is standing by 24/7 at 800.820.8210, should you notice anything that doesn’t seem quite right with your virtual phone system after your account has been migrated to Grasshopper over the next month or so.

So, what exactly is the new Grasshopper platform?

First, I should clarify an important point: we won't be changing the way that your phone system fundamentally works. Your clients will still call your same number, they'll still hear the same greetings, they'll be forwarded to your cell phones and home phones, and leave you messages, just as before. So, most of what you've come to depend on won't be changing.

Under the surface, however, everything has changed. We've rebuilt the software on which our service is based.

Why the change?

To make sure we can continue to grow and innovate to serve you better. Our previous platform was not easy to make changes to, and this meant we couldn't easily add new features or make quick changes to improve performance. At the same time, we heard from many clients who felt our user interface could be better organized and easier to use. So while we rebuilt everything from the ground up, we decided we should address this feedback at the same time.

So what has changed?

We’ve created Knowledgebase Articles that answer the frequently asked questions we’ve been hearing from newly-migrated customers.  If you run into something new, or would like some personal assistance, contact our support team 24/7 at 800.820.8210 or create a support ticket at our Support Center.