Grasshopper Cartoon Working From Home

Did you know 1 in 5 workers worldwide telecommute or that nearly 10% of the global workforce works from home every day? Times are certainly changing! Who says you have to work at headquarters to be a good employee? People are getting their jobs done all over the world from their basements, their kitchens, local coffee shops, co-working spaces – pretty much anywhere there’s an internet connection.

If you can’t tell already, we’re big advocates for remote workers and telecommuting. At Grasshopper, we go where the talent is. In our case, it’s all over the United States. We have employees in Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas.

A few months ago, we put up a post about our newly renovated office in Needham, MA and gave you a tour of the new space but what we didn’t cover was our remote employee’s office spaces. What do their offices look like? Where are they located?

Let’s take a look!

Rob Gibbens, Senior Software Engineer - Farmington, MI


Tip from Rob: Find as many ways to stay connected as possible, both to your team and to the development community at large.  Skype, Campfire, Twitter, local coffee shops, lunches with others in the industry, local user groups, conferences, etc. It’s important to not just live in a silo.

Eric Polerecky, Senior Software Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI


Tip from Eric: It's harder than you think.

Angelo Keresztes, Software Engineer - Detroit, MI


Tip from AJ: Remove any external distractions.

Steve Swartzlander, Software Architect - San Antonio, TX


Tip from Steve: Shower before you start working.  If you put it off, you'll get busy and will spend the rest of the day wishing you had.

David Hauser, CTO - Austin, TX


Tip from David: I hate paper so everything is on my computer, a clean workspace is more productive.

Do you work remotely? What's your workspace look like? We'd love to see it! Have any other tips to add? Let us know!