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If you run a company, you've probably got a blog, whether it's to boost SEO, establish credibility, gain new customers, or simply share the latest news.

But results from blogging aren't always tangible, especially because a company blog doesn't necessarily lead to direct sales. That's why it's important to find some other ways to measure your success.

If you aren’t sure how your blog is doing, it may be time to run a diagnosis to see where you can make improvements. Trust us-- a great blog is key to establishing yourself as an industry leader, so it's worth it to improve!

How to Tell if You're Really Attracting Customers

What're some good reasons for blogging? Well, attracting new customers and keeping loyal ones engaged, of course! A blog has the potential to be a great resource that can help build community.

But, unless you’re running honest metrics about who is reading and where they're coming from, you don’t really know how your blog is doing.

So, give your blog a proper diagnosis!

Don't just guess! Find out how your blog is doing with analytics.

Is Your Blog Really Establishing Your Credibility and Building Community?

Some business owners aren't interested in gaining conversions through their blogs; they simply want to use the platform as a way to establish their credibility and build community.

If you're in this group, you already know testing this stuff is tricky. How do you measure authority and engagement?

Don’t give up when it comes to credibility and community. It can take awhile to figure out how to best share your expertise. Building community can take awhile, too. Make sure you're including links to your blog in your email newsletters and sharing your posts on social media sites!

Making Improvements

If your blog isn't seeing the success you want, it might be time to re-focus, make some improvements, and consider a new strategy. If the quality of your posts are 'just ok' instead of great, you should think about new and innovative ways to present your topics. Remember: if you think the content of your blog is boring, others will think it's boring, too.

Not sure how to go about it? Read The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing by Quick Sprout, which will help you focus your strategy. Check out other blogs you admire for inspiration. Copyblogger has tons of great articles on how to boost your blog. Think about hiring a writer, content marketer, or finding top notch freelancers to help you out!

Do you have a company blog? We'd love to take a look! How does it bring you success? Please share in the comments below.