This letter was emailed to customers earlier today:

Dear Grasshopper Entrepreneurs,

Ah, what an eventful year it's been. While large corporations received big bailouts, entrepreneurs like you used the unpredictable economic climate to create jobs, innovate, and help turn our economy around. Your passion for finding new solutions to old problems makes us want to find even more ways to help your businesses grow in 2010.

You inspired us

Since many of you sign up for Grasshopper shortly after starting your business, we’ve had the chance to see people joining our entrepreneur movement in droves. Many of you faced enormous adversity, perhaps after being laid off from a job or in attempting to find capital to get your business up and running. So many of the entrepreneurs we’ve spoken to have made the “big leap” this year after facing uncertain times, and have turned a less than ideal situation into an opportunity to pursue your passion. Your stories have been moving. Your resilience and commitment to making your dreams a reality has inspired us.

The year of Grasshopper

It's been a busy year here at Grasshopper. We re-branded after six years by FedEx-ing 25,000 chocolate covered Grasshoppers across North America and started a movement to inspire entrepreneurs. We also improved our service based on your feedback, started a blog with real advice from entrepreneurs in the trenches, and launched our first Grasshopper Labs product, Chargify. Thankfully, we have a great group of employees here who - first and foremost - are working hard to serve you and the tens thousands of other Grasshopper Entrepreneurs out there. They also do an amazing job making our company an incredible place to work.

Expect more in 2010

More features. More products. More opportunities to grow your business. These are just a few of the amazing things we have in store for you in 2010. Expect more features to improve how you use your Grasshopper service, look forward to more products from Grasshopper Labs to ignite business growth, and more opportunities to generate buzz and awareness for your business through our successful Tell Us Your Story program. You'll even have an opportunity to be featured in a Grasshopper TV commercial. Make sure you stay in touch with us.

Follow us on Twitter

Connect with us on Twitter by following @Grasshopper and look for many more Grasshopper team members there, too. We co-founders are also on Twitter, so follow us for insight into our entrepreneurial journey, and lots more. And remember, you can always call us 24/7 at 800-820-8210.

Happy holidays and looking forward to making 2010 a year to remember.


Siamak Taghaddos Co-founder & CEO Twitter: @staghaddos

David Hauser Co-founder & CTO Twitter: @dh