Ever go to the beach or pool with your kids and struggle to get their hair and ears untangled from their swim goggles? Dr. Christian Hahn, a cosmetic dentist in Kentucky, was sick of it! He was tired of pulling his children's ears out of plastic straps and looking at their raccoon eyes.

One summer, Dr. Hahn had had enough! He couldn't accept uncomfortable goggles as part of life, so he invented Frogglez, comfortable swim goggles for kids.

An inventor, dad, and dentist.

Dr. Hahn has a history of looking at the world through an inventor's lens. Before FrogglezDr. Hahn came along, he patented a couple of dental products.  While living in California, he noticed the surfers had super healthy gums because they spent so much time in the ocean. After seeing this, he invented TheraSalt, a solution with the same properties as ocean minerals. TheraSalt is great for improving gum health and healing oral wounds.

Dr. Hahn applied this same sort of can-do attitude when he created Frogglez.

He had moved to Kentucky from California where the surf is wild, so he had a bunch of old neoprene wet suits lying around. After hitting his breaking point with regular goggles, he began to cut the suits into the shape of head straps, believing that a head fastener made out of a comfy wet suit would trump plastic straps. Then he attached the latest plastic goggles. Voila! He had his first prototypes. For about a year, Dr. Hahn’s kids wore the goggles to the local swimming pool to test them out as Dr. Hahn made adjustments accordingly.

'It's okay to fail, but fail quickly and move on,' says Dr. Hahn about the inventing process.

How are Frogglez different?

Frogglez stay on kids' heads, don't pull hair or get caught in kids' ears. They don't get twisted or tangled, and kids are gushing about how comfortable they are. They come in two sizes- for kids ages 3-6 and kids 6+.

Not only that, kids can put Frogglez on themselves. Dr. Hahn no longer has to help his kids untangle and put on their swim goggles. With a comfortable, neoprene strap, they can do it themselves.

My 3 year old daughter does not like getting water in her eyes when she goes to swim class, and does not like traditional goggles, because they are always too tight or too loose and they always pull her hair. She couldn't wait to try these on when we received them and was able to put them on all by herself without any help and most importantly to her without pulling her hair or causing her any pain. - dailymom, Amazon.com Review of Frogglez.

They're not just for Dr. Hahn's kids.

Interested? Check out Frogglez on FrogglezGoggles.com, Amazon, or the daily grommet. Dr. Hahn and his teams have plans to create a few other products—games for the pool, adult-size Frogglez and goggle sets with all sorts of designs (right now, you can only get frogs). And everything’s put together by Dr. Hahn—Frogglez come from Made By My Dad LLC, Dr. Hahn’s company.

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