8 Companies with Crazy PerksUnemployment rates remain shockingly high in many parts of the country, but that doesn't stop some forward-thinking companies from offering outrageous perks.

In today's employment landscape, organizations can cherry-pick the best and brightest; once they get them, great perks keep them loyal to the company and invested in its success.

1. S.C. Johnson: How can we be of service?

The trend among crazy perks these days seems to center around work-life balance. Many employees are pulling double-duty, taking responsibility for a group of tasks once shared by three people.

As such, BusinessInsider.com notes companies like S.C. Johnson are offering a concierge service, enabling their staff to get pesky household chores out of the way so they can spend more time at the office. Whether you need your dry cleaning picked up or library books returned, S.C. Johnson has you covered.

Google it with Fido by your side2. Google it with Fido by your side

WholeLiving.com reports that Google employees are permitted to take their dogs to work. And it's not just for fun: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says pets offer health benefits like reduced cholesterol and triglycerides and lower blood pressure, not to mention companionship. If your beloved dog doesn't reduce your stress levels adequately, opt for a subsidized massage.

3. No vacation days? No problem for Netflix.

Netflix, the home-delivery movie rental empire, doesn't give its employees a set number of vacation days. In fact, the company doesn't even track how many days employees are absent throughout the year, according to WholeLiving.com. Its theory? Treat adults like adults and they won't abuse the system.

4. Sniffles? Head down the hall at SAS.

SAS has been voted a top place to work for the last 14 years. Why? Well, to give you an idea, CNN refers to their perks as epic.

EvolvedEmployer.com points out the many perks offered by the software company, including $410 per month for childcare expenses, on-site healthcare, a summer camp for kids and even car washes.

Life coaching, courtesy of Zappos5. Life coaching, courtesy of Zappos

Looking for more fulfillment from your life? Get a gig at Zappos and you'll have access to free life coaching, a perk which earned the company a spot on CNNMoney's 100 Best Companies to Work For of 2011.

6. Get your tan on at Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy also makes it to CNNMoney's top 100 based on numerous perks like parent/child yoga classes at its 72,000 square foot fitness center. Available to employees, the fitness center also features tanning booths and spray tans. After you've spent ample time in the tanning bed, head on over to the on-site medical center for complimentary cancer screenings, or perhaps Botox injections.

7. No weekday dinner rush when you work for Amgen

Biotech giant Amgen is noted for a number of perks by Mortgage Lender Report, including a cafeteria that fixes family-sized meals. By the way, if you want some fresh flowers for the table, an on-site florist is at your service. Oh, and those photos you need to have developed? Got that covered, too.

No stress-filled days at eBay8. No stress-filled days at eBay

The ultimate in relaxing work environments, eBay offers a meditation room complete with yoga mats, pillows and tranquil music; perks earning the company recognition in Mortgage Lender Report's roundup. So whether you want to stretch out your stress, find your inner zen or take a snooze, eBay will take care of you.

Why this works

Today's crazy company perks are a mix of eclectic and practical. While all focus on meeting the needs of employees, often outside of the office (think dry cleaning and dinner), the majority don't actually cost much over time.

An on-site fitness center, for example, has lower recurring costs than splurging for company-paid vacations. An added bonus to many health and wellness-focused perks: They can actually save the company money over time in terms of reduced sick time usage and health insurance costs.