You have a shiny, brand new phone number—and you’re anxious to show it off. You should be. 63% of people still prefer contacting a business by phone, which means that if you want to grow your business, you need to get your phone number out into the world as much as possible.

Here are ten places you can share your new business number to drive more business, increase your visibility, and land more clients and customers for your company:

1. Your Website

Putting your contact information on your website is one of the most essential ways you can promote your business and drive new customers to finding your essential contact information—especially your phone number.

If you direct people to your website, including your phone number on your site is a great way to ensure they find the right place to contact you.

You can also try adding a “click to call” feature. Even with online chat and social media prevalence these days, QuickSprout found that a good “click to call” button can increase conversion rate by as much as 200%. That means more visitors become customers.

2. Your Email Signatures

Your email signature represents a great opportunity to send out your phone number over and over without having to think about it.

Placing a phone number in an email signature is even more effective given today’s mobile prevalence. With 75% of Gmail users checking their email on mobile devices, it’s easier than ever for someone to observe your phone number in an email, tap their screen, and reach you.

3. Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page can be just as important as your home website. With 2.23 billion people using Facebook every month, it’s a great place to put your contact information.

The more people visiting your Facebook Business Page, the more you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website and to your contact information. If you put your phone number there, that means that every “like,” every “comment,” and every new visit on your Facebook Business Page is an additional opportunity for your business to grow.

There are over 80 million small and medium-sized businesses with Facebook pages now. You should be one of them.

4. Business Directories for Your Industry

The visibility of your business phone number will translate into visibility for you. That’s why number directories can boost your ability to make sales. Think of it as a passive way to attract more attention. You only have to place your phone number in a directory once. After that, any potential customers who come across it will come to you.

5. Review Websites

Today’s digital consumers tend to determine quality through recommendations. In fact, people who call from online review sites tend to be highly motivated buyers, with the average phone call lasting far longer than calls from mobile search.

Adding your phone number to sites like Yelp, Google Business, and G2Crowd can be the perfect way to get the word out, especially with an audience that’s actively looking for small businesses like yours.

6. Digital Assets

Digital marketing assets can be just like traditional paper ones—ads, brochures, pamphlets—only made available online. These can be great places to place your phone number. Not only do they help generate interest in your business, but they’re assets that you can continue to re-use and send out again and again. The more digital assets you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to send out your contact information to new potential customers.

7. Employee Resources

There’s nothing quite so personal when it comes to your business promotion than handing someone a business card. Employee resources like business cards, merchandise, postcards, or even labels and stickers are perfect canvases for your phone number. Like digital assets, they’ll continue to drive new customers to calling your business phone number even after you’ve handed them out. They’re inexpensive ways to get your phone number out to more people, especially if you do most of your networking in person. You don’t want to get caught without a business card.

8. Advertisements

If you take out traditional advertisements with magazines, newspapers, or special entries in the phone book, don’t limit your contact information to one avenue. You can include a link to your website and a phone number.

Billboards are another great avenue for local businesses that want to highlight a new vanity phone number. With the average American spending 20 hours each week in the car and 71% of Americans looking at billboards consciously, they still represent an ideal platform for your phone number.

9. Promotional Materials

These are especially popular amongst small businesses with a local market. If you can use promotional materials to get your phone number to the local community, you can expect more relevant customers to come your way. Consider any of the following as an ideal place to put your number:

10. Current Customers

Prepare an email blast to your current customers with an announcement about your new phone number. Even if most of your customers may not have an immediate need, this can renew their interest in your services.

It’s especially important to let current customers know that they can promote you as well. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know; if you can get referrals working for you, you’ll stand an even greater chance at bringing in more business.


A new business number is more than just an updated listing. It represents an opportunity to get your name out there, to generate interest from new customers, and to build business assets that continually drive new customers to your contact information. Start sharing your business number today!