Equity Resources for Your Business

Confused yet? If you are – that’s normal. Equity is complicated and has a lot of moving parts. But for many small business owners, it’s definitely worth it.

If you think equity might be right for you, start by contacting your local SBA (small business administration) branch or an experienced business lawyer to learn more about the rules and regulations regarding equity in your state – and get some advice on how to go about growing, or getting your business off the ground.

If you need more info:

How to Calculate Equity

As you get started, it’s worth understanding how to calculate shareholders’ equity, as it’s important to investors. To figure out an owner’s equity, you’ll need to calculate the assets and liabilities of their business.

Start by determining the company’s total assets- these are things that are in progress, inventory, cash, or other receivables. You’ll also need to figure out your debts and liabilities, including salaries and accounts payable. To calculate equity, you can subtract the liabilities from the assets. Accounting software can help you do this!

Resources to Help You on Your Equity Journey

We’re not the only one doling out information on equity. Check out these resources if you’re looking to learn more.

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