VoIP Phone Systems vs Grasshopper 

Virtual Phone System Comparison

VoIP phone systems versus hosted virtual phone systems. Decisions, decisions.

Both can save you tons of money on your business phone calls but the technology works very differently. Below, we’ll cover how VoIP differs from a virtual phone system like Grasshopper, so you can decide which is the best option for your business needs.

First, what is a virtual phone system?

A hosted virtual phone system like Grasshopper uses what you already have: your existing phone line, whether it’s your landline, mobile or both! The system then re-routes your incoming calls to another line of your choosing.

For a business owner, this is super convenient because it gives you the flexibility to program calls made to your office to be automatically forwarded to your mobile. With a virtual phone system, you can even keep your existing phone number or purchase a new, more professional looking number so you can distinguish between incoming work and personal calls.

So, then what’s a VoIP phone system?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to make calls. Users can make phone calls this way because their voice data is sent using internet protocol, rather than using a telephone network.

Like a virtual phone system, VoIP cuts phone call costs because you’re using what you already pay for. Except with VoIP, you’re using your existing internet service.

Which is Better?

Besides cost, there are a few other scenarios you should consider before you decide between a virtual phone or VoIP.


VoIP typically requires additional software or hardware to install before you can start making calls. A virtual phone system like Grasshopper, however, doesn’t require any installation at all.

Instead, Grasshopper can be set up in a few steps on your computer using our online portal. The online portal allows you to set up your account and manage your customizations, extensions, voicemail greetings and more. In addition, you can edit account settings right from your smartphone or tablet with our iPhone and android apps.

Call Quality

Having a good phone connection is crucial to your business conversations so you should take call quality into consideration. Grasshopper uses your existing phone network so you shouldn’t notice anything different in call quality on your end or the person you’re calling.

VoIP phone calls, however, are dependent on your internet service quality. So, if you’re worried about your spotty internet connection, VoIP might not be the best choice for you.


Grasshopper seamlessly integrates with Google Voice and Skype. VoIP phone systems, however, offer more integration options, including Salesforce, NetSuite and even Outlook.

International Calls

VoIP is very popular for international calls as it doesn’t cost you anything more. You can also make international calls with Grasshopper – just make sure you’ve enabled international calling with your plan.

Mobile Devices

VoIP works best when you’re making calls in an area with a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection. But when it comes to business calls, there’s no guarantee you’ll be in those areas. As a result, a virtual phone system like Grasshopper is best for handling calls when you’re on the go.