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Which personal productivity app will work for you?

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got a million and one things on your to-do list at any given time. Keeping track of everything can be time-consuming and exhausting, but what choice do you have?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of apps available to help you stay organized and get things done. From note-taking and to-do lists to task management and other features, these apps have everything you need to be as productive as possible.

We've compared three productivity apps that can do the legwork for you:

  • Evernote: the to-do list in its simplest, digital form. Web-clipping and handwritten notes make the transition to digital easy and stress-free.
  • Todoist: the to-do list meets task management. Plan, prioritize, delegate, & collaborate all in one, clean & simple app.
  • is the intersection between personal and work to-dos. “Moments” and location-based reminders make it a powerful force for productivity.

As you compare each tool, it's important to keep features, interface and integration options in mind. Our comparison below will help you decide which tool will work best for you.

Features and Integration

Features make or break a productivity app. Whether you use the app as a project management tool or for budget planning, a productivity app that has an array of features will help you locate everything in one place.

Evernote is the closest you’re going to get to handwritten note-taking and to-dos. It’s the simplest to-do list app, which makes Evernote super adaptable and flexible. The versatile note-taking, ability to “clip” things together, and presentation-ready slide function mean you can make Evernote whatever you need it to be, and you’ll save plenty of time and hassle in the process.

Todoist is the to-do list meets task management software. The app combines the traditional to-do list with valuable task management features to become more than just a note-taking app. That means you can establish tasks & projects, delegate them, and visualize the productivity of both you and your team. They also offer a package specifically tailored to business needs. offers moment and location-based reminders to help you stay on-task and limit things slipping through the cracks. If you’re willing to pay for the premium package, you’ll get all the features and be able to move seamlessly between devices – making for powerful productivity.

It's essential to be aware of how easy integration with other tools is. Working with a productivity app that is difficult to figure out and doesn't provide a seamless experience isn't going to help you be productive.

Evernote includes a wide range of available integrations that broaden its reach and make the app even more powerful. Todoist offers perhaps the most powerful suite of available integrations that are tailor-made; for instance, Google Drive integration allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time. integrations are targeted toward syncing work and personal tasks and to-dos.

Evernote Logo Todoist Logo Logo
  • Versatile note-taking
  • Clip web articles, handwritten notes, or photos
  • Communicate, collaborate, & share
  • Turn notes into presentation-ready slides
  • Sub tasks & projects
  • Share, collaborate, & delegate
  • Set priorities, labels, & filters
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Visualize productivity
  • Location-based notifications
  • Recurring due dates
  • “Moment” daily planner
  • Action shortcuts
  • Upload files
  • Subtasks, recurring tasks
  • Delegate, and comment
  • Location-based reminders
  • Zapier
  • Expensify
  • DocuSign
  • Azendoo
  • Zapier
  • Google Drive
  • Workflow
  • Google Maps
  • Zapier
  • Gmail
  • Cal
  • Google Calendar
  • Evernote
  • Location-based reminders
Mobile app Yes Yes Yes
Api Yes Yes No

Pricing and Support

In order to fully experience each of the apps' advantages, you'll have to pay. That is, to get beyond the basic reminders, more file uploads and space, and better integration options, it'll cost you. The good news is that the pricing plans are flexible and allow you to pay for a year subscription or on a month-to-month basis. The even better news is that the support around each app ensures that you'll get the most out of your subscription.

Evernote Logo Todoist Logo Logo
  • Basic Free
  • Plus $34.99 per year
  • Premium $69.99 per year
  • Premium for Business $12 per user / month
  • Free
  • Premium $29 per year
  • For Business $3 per user / month
  • Free
  • Premium $26.99 per year or $2.99 per month
  • Knowledge base & guides
  • Communities
  • Live chat & email support for Premium and Business customers
  • Knowledge base
  • Support community
  • FAQ
  • Email support & priority support for Premium and Business customers
  • Knowledge base
  • Community forum
  • FAQ


From clean design to effortless user experience and awesome features, Evernote is definitely a top contender. It’s only shortfall is that the interface isn’t designed for long-form notes, but if you’re looking for simplicity and flexibility, it’s a great option. Evernote is ideal if you’re looking for a smooth and integrated transition from handwritten to digital notes and to-dos. With a capable free package, there’s no downside to taking a look.

Todoist won’t cure you of procrastination, but if you’re a doer, it might be for you. The combination of to-dos and powerful task management & collaboration features mean you can get work done anywhere, with anyone. While the free package can be limiting, there’s no harm in giving it a try.’s neat and unique premium features make it well worth the cost to upgrade. If you’re looking to keep everything – work, personal, family, etc. – in one convenient place, it’s for you. Real-time updates and location-based reminders help you and your team move seamlessly between devices and always have access.

Regardless of which app you choose, all will help you keep track of tasks and to-dos, streamline your daily activities, and help you organize and prioritize daily tasks. These’ll help you stay productive so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Evernote Logo Todoist Logo Logo
  • Incredibly simple
  • Very adaptable
  • Web clipping and handwritten notes keep everything in one place
  • Save business cards digitally
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Solid task management features
  • Some offline capability
  • Clean & simple interface
  • Collaborative features do not require a separate app
  • Sync personal tasks, work projects, and shared lists
  • Real-time sync across devices
  • Moment daily review
  • Location-based reminders
  • Free package is pretty limiting
  • Doesn’t work as well with longer docs & notes
  • Some functionality is hosted by 3rd party apps
  • No offline capability
  • Free package is limiting
  • No clipping feature for out-of-app notes
  • Free package is very limiting
  • Voice recognition is spotty
  • No easy way to delete a task
  • Imperfect auto-complete function
  • Keyboard control
Best for Individuals or small businesses looking to take brief notes and integrate digital & handwritten Small businesses who are looking for an option that includes task management features Small businesses who want to move seamlessly between devices & don’t mind paying for premium

What are customers saying?

“I've been using Evernote for about a year now, and it's my go-to spot for everyday check-lists and personal and business-driven task management. It's also my informal way to take notes on calls, workshops and other meetings.”

“[Todoist] keeps track of ALL of my to-dos. I have around a dozen projects (including sub-projects), and if I'm really in a rush I just drop a to-do … to sort it later. The date feature means that I always know what my to-dos are for right now, this week, and beyond.”

“I tried many apps to keep track of all my tasks but [] is the one I have enjoyed the most. It has a very easy interface and organizes my tasks in a very simple and organized manner.”

More Options:


  • Save-for-later that lets you save interesting articles, videos, etc. to consume later
  • Integrate with over 1500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard, and Zite
  • Two plans range from $0 - $4.99 / month

Boomerang for Gmail

  • Best friend to your email – keep your inbox from getting cluttered
  • Schedule emails to send later, “boomerang” an email out of your inbox, and set follow up reminders
  • Four plans range from $0 - $49.99 / month

Awesome Note

  • Productivity and note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy Note
  • Notes, to-dos, reminders, and even drawing functionality
  • $3.99 download


  • Schedule anything from social media posts to RSS
  • All kinds of recipes can be customized for just about anything
  • Free