Cute Voicemail Greetings – Tips and Advice

1. Always Smile

Don’t you want to seem friendly, personable, and irresistible to your callers? Then smile! You might be shaking your head right now, saying, “But they can’t see me through the phone…why should I smile?” But people are smarter than you think. A study by the University of Portsmouth showed that people can tell when you’re happy to hear from them, even though they can’t see your face or body language. If you don’t think smiling makes a difference, record two different voicemails: one where you’re smiling and one where you’re not. Which one sounds better?

2. Be Yourself (No Phony, Over The Top Voices)

There’s nothing worse than an over the top voice that sounds like you’re putting on an act. People are known to use “up talk,” which can make you seem dumber than you really are. The key to a cute voicemail is to be yourself. You’re perfectly cute and special - you don't need a phony voice to prove it.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

The average adult attention span is a measly 8 seconds, so you best be keeping those personal greetings short and snappy. Don’t say more than you need to say. Simply state who you are and ask callers to leave a message. If you’re running a business and have more information to share, do so as succinctly as possible, or get a virtual phone system that helps you re-direct callers to various extensions.

4. Don’t Play a Mean Joke on Your Callers

It might seem funny to prank your callers and trick them into thinking you’re somebody else, but this isn’t cute at all. It’s mean! Even if something sarcastic or crazy seems hilarious to you, think again if you want to be cute. Negativity and unkind greetings will trump any smiles and cuteness.

5. Resist The Urge to Sing

Even if you star in Broadway Musicals, please resist the urge to sing! A sing-songy greeting catches people off guard. It can be confusing, disorienting, and difficult to understand. Plus, if we’re being completely honest, singing isn’t cute. It might work for some of your friends, but if you get a professional call from a customer, boss, or co-worker, you’re going to sound a tad whackadoo.

6. Convince a Celebrity to Do It

Most of us don’t know any celebrities, but *the dream* is to get a celebrity to do your voicemail. NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me radio show is famous for doing listeners’ voicemails. At Grasshopper, we have a voice studio with a ton of voices—they’re not celebrities, but they’re just as great.

7. Find Someone Who Has a Voice You Love

If you want something professional and cute, then consider asking a friend, family member, or acquaintance to record a voicemail for you. They can give you an introduction that’s cute and tailored to you. Just make sure they don’t pretend to be you. Make sure they say “Hi, you’ve reached Vanessa’s voicemail” instead of “Hi, this is Vanessa.”

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