Small Business Tax Filing

Easily Identify Which Forms You Need

Filing taxes is a necessity that’s time-consuming and often expensive. If you own a small business, it can be overwhelming to do taxes on your own, which is why many hire tax professionals. Although experts can prevent mistakes and save headaches, many decide to do their own taxes in the interest of saving money. That’s why we’ve put together a Tax Form Selector.

Our Tax Form Selector will help you identify what forms you’ll need to file taxes for your business, with or without the help of an accountant or tax professional.

  1. Which type of business best describes you?

  2. Who are your employees?

  3. Is your business run from home?

    • Yes

      Fill out the Expenses for Business Use of Your Home to receive deductions for working from the same place where you sleep.

    • No

      Unfortunately, you’re not eligible for any deductions until you set up shop in the kitchen.

  4. Are you eligible for deductions?

  5. Need some more help?

Hire a Tax Professional

With so many forms to fill out, we recommend hiring tax professionals and accountants to untangle the complex details of filing taxes. Evading taxes is a felony, and we wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally miss anything.

Make sure you hire someone with substantial experience filing taxes. The IRS recommends checking the professional’s qualifications and reviewing the entire return before signing your name. There are plenty of able, qualified and helpful tax professionals out there, but choose wisely. Remember that any mistakes will be placed on you, the taxpayer.

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