"Grasshopper helps paint a professional picture, especially to the general public, before they even reach out to my business.”

Carl Cyrius, The Oasis Firm

Grasshopper helped Carl Cyrius take The Oasis Firm from idea to reality.

Carl Cyrius is the CEO and founder of The Oasis Firm, a small business that offers tax prep, credit repair and life insurance planning services. He started his business after becoming a finalist in an entrepreneurship competition for veterans, and knew he had a winning idea!

Carl joined Grasshopper in 2017, when he founded The Oasis Firm. In fact, it was the first purchase he made for his company! He knew he needed to prioritize a dedicated business line, as well as a vanity number that reflected the name of his business. 

Including his vanity number across his site and social platforms, not only helped him spread the word about The Oasis Firm early on, it also helped him establish a professional appearance with new clients as he worked to grow his business.

Years with Grasshopper
An automated greeting saves time

When customers first call in, The Oasis Firm runs a main greeting message to help save time. Their main greeting provides all of the important details the customer needs to know before they speak to a representative, such as business hours and which extension to choose based on their inquiry.

One number for phone, text, and fax

One of Carl’s favorite features of Grasshoper is virtual fax, which allows him to receive incoming faxes to his email and on the go! Having one number for phone calls, business texting, and fax, is a great way of keeping his business communications streamlined.

Customers prefer texting

Carl uses business texting as more and more of his customers prefer the ease of texting over phone calls. Without having to stop work to take a call, Carl gets back valuable time in his day. He also loves that he can easily view all texts in Grasshopper's mobile or desktop apps.

The Oasis Firm’s most used features:


Vanity Number

Spell out a word or phrase for a memorable toll-free number, unique to your company!

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Business Texting

Provide updates and quick replies via text messaging on your business number.

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Virtual Fax

Have incoming faxes delivered as PDF attachments right to your email inbox.

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