"The biggest bonus to us is being able to respond effectively and quickly to our clients."

Doug Pulliam, Benefits Results, LLC.

Benefit Results uses Grasshopper to project top-notch professionalism.

Doug Pulliam is the CFO of Benefit Results, a company that provides professional and compassionate benefits guidance, and is lead by CEO, Jill Preston. In addition to Doug and Jill, Benefit Results employs seven "Benefit Coaches". The Benefit Coaches are responsible for guiding customers through the often confusing details associated with health insurance and medicare.

It's important to the Benefit Results team to make a professional first impression on their potential clients. They use an automated greeting to welcome their callers, which provides helpful details about which extension they should choose, along with business hours.

Years with Grasshopper
A professional greeting for every single caller

From the moment a customer calls Benefit Results, they're greeted promptly and professionally, thanks to their main greeting, recorded by a professional voice actor through Grasshopper's voice studio.

One number provides access to every employee

Doug and team have made it easy for their customers to speak with the right contact – whether the customer is looking for general information, wants to speak to their Benefit Coach, or have a billing question; all calls are easily routed to the correct person using extensions.

Quickly preview a caller’s message

Doug's favorite Grasshopper feature is voicemail transcription, because when a customer or prospect leaves a voicemail, he can quickly assess their needs before calling them back.

Benefit Results’ most used features:


Professional Voice Studio

Write your phone greeting script and have a professional voice actor record it, for a small fee.

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Voicemail Transcription

Get your voicemails transcribed so you can read them without having to listen to the message!

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Give employees or departments extensions with their own call forwarding rules.

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