"The best part about using Ruby with my Grasshopper account is that I don’t feel bad when I miss calls.”

Jamie Eilerman, Clean Home Club

Clean Home Club stays focused on work without missing a single call.

Jamie Eilerman co-founded the Clean Home Club with his brother just over two years ago. Their company is a referral agency for independent cleaning professionals in Charleston, SC. As a small business owner, Jamie is extremely hands on and has an endless list of tasks of things to do on any given day such as handling inbound calls, communicating with and assigning cleaners, and responding to cleaning quotes.

The most time-consuming task for Jamie was handling all incoming phone calls. “At first, all calls were forwarded to me. It became too much so I hired a remote worker and virtual assistant but it was too expensive. That’s when I discovered Ruby as a solution.”

Value of a single call
Hours saved with Ruby
Ruby minutes used per month
A greater focus on what’s important

Jamie’s goal with Ruby is to reduce the interruptions throughout his day. “Phone calls take me off task. If I am in the middle of working on an estimate for a client, a single phone call can derail my entire morning.” When Jamie saw Grasshopper’s special Ruby offer, he felt that it was a perfect match.

“My company offers our clients the ability to leave the cleaning to us so they can live smarter by giving them back time to focus on what’s important. I think Ruby does exactly that for me. My favorite part is I don’t feel bad when I miss calls.”

A way to stand out from competition

Jamie feels that having Ruby answering all of his incoming calls gives him a competitive advantage. “Most mom and pop shops in our area don’t get back to customers right away because they’re out on the job doing work. That could leave a lot of business on the table. One call could be worth $400 to me.”

Feeling prepared to speak to new customers

Now with Ruby, Jamie does not feel like he has to be tethered to the phone all day and if he does miss a call, he is able to get background information from a Ruby receptionist before he calls the customer back. “It’s a nice touch when I have all of the context before I speak to a new customer. I feel more prepared.”

The Clean Home Club’s most used features:


Ruby Receptionists

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