The Grasshopper team is working hard to create an enjoyable experience for you and your business. And there's no better experience than when your workstreams are personalized, tailored and integrated to work effortlessly. Check out the latest Grasshopper product updates to help you build customer centric experiences.

Effective Contact Management is the key to success

Our latest offering, contact management, offers incredible flexibility in how you handle your business contacts. With features like contact sync and import, you can effortlessly bring all your contacts into one centralized location. Whether it’s viewing contact details, creating new contacts, editing existing ones, or even removing contacts when necessary, we’ve made it easier to separate your business and personal contacts. The added ability to view and share contact cards from any device streamlines communication and fosters stronger connections with clients and partners. With contact management you can take charge of your contacts, boosting productivity and nurturing relationships like never before.

Streamline efficiency with our Unified View (Beta)

We're unveiling our latest offering – a unified view that brings all your customer touchpoints and interactions under one roof. This intuitive interface consolidates everything, from calls and messages to customer history and more, into one seamless experience. With everything at your fingertips, managing your customer relationships has never been easier. We’ll be rolling out this feature in the coming weeks to elevate your customer experience game.

Get started faster with the Setup Assistant (coming soon!)

By popular request: We'll soon be introducing a new setup tool, tailored to help you make changes to your account and make your Grasshopper experience even better. With a focus on helping you get the most out of your Grasshopper account, you’ll find communication is effortless with steps to aid caller ID recognition, a personalized main greeting, and instant response configuration. We’ve also added steps for IVR phone menu configuration to simplify the navigation and ensure your callers reach the right department, every time.

Be sure to download the latest version of the desktop and mobile app to see the most recent Grasshopper features and updates. To explore more features and settings, log in to the admin portal for more customization options.

Inside Grasshopper

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