How many times have you refused to answer a phone because the caller ID looked suspicious to you? Most of us have. And if you’re doing it, that means that the businesses you’re calling are likely to do it, too. That’s why you should know how to customize your business Caller ID to demonstrate that you’re not just another telemarketer or scammer—but that you’re a real, genuine business with a real reason for calling.

Understand what you have to work with

There are two essential elements to any caller ID:

There isn’t much to do when it comes to optimizing your number—you simply select the right number for your business. But when it comes to that business name, there’s a lot you can try:

How to display a business name (or custom text) as caller ID

Changing your outbound caller ID is the first step to ensuring that your calls get picked up. The keys here are to include the following:

With that in mind, how do you change the business name on your caller ID?

One potential avenue is to get your phone listed in the CNAM database. This verification process ensures that your caller ID is accurate and verified, which in turn gives you the display you’re going for. To double-check that you’re in the CNAM database, do the following:

You can also submit a request ticket with Grasshopper.

Keep in mind that while you don’t want to misrepresent yourself, you should choose a number that will be most advantageous to your way of doing business. Selecting local numbers, for example, will help provide you with a phone number that instills trust with the customers you most regularly call.

Tips and best practices for displaying your business caller ID

With all this in mind, how should you select your business caller ID? Here are some tips and best practices:

Setting your new caller ID custom text might seem like a trivial exercise, but it doesn’t take much time—and it could affect how many people pick up the phone when you call them for years. It’s worth taking the time to be selective about what people see on their caller ID.

With Grasshopper, you can easily select the outgoing number that shows up on caller ID, whether you’re making calls over WiFi or even from your desktop. But it’s worth thinking about the name that shows up above that phone number if you want people on the other end to pick up.