While many small businesses exist with a truly mobile workforce, there are many whose base of operation is their home office, kitchen, or even their garage.  In those cases, people may find that it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable to conduct business solely from their mobile device.

Today, we’re excited to announce the official availability of the Grasshopper desktop app, including spam call detection, so all Grasshopper users can work seamlessly from their computer without missing a beat - or a call or text!

With the Grasshopper desktop app, you can make and receive both calls and text messages using your LAN or Wi-Fi network. Please note, for customers on a minute-based plan, inbound minutes will be consumed.

Features included in the Grasshopper desktop app:

Now more than ever, we’re making it easy to connect with your customers on the device you’re currently using. You can view a missed call or voicemail transcription and respond via text message from the desktop app while talking on your mobile device.

So if you find yourself in front of the computer all day, download the Grasshopper desktop app, plug in a headset, and start making and receiving calls from your desktop today!