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Looking to expand your business in Texas? Get a Texas phone number with a local area code! Grasshopper can set you up with a local number which will not only give you a professional image, but also help you tap into customers in the Lone Star State. Imagine being able to reach potential clients in bustling cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, each with its own unique charm and opportunities. Texas is also home to renowned universities such as the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University in College Station, Rice University in Houston, and Baylor University in Waco.

By getting a local number in Texas, you'll be able to tap into these local markets and establish a strong presence in the state. Plus, with the convenience of having your business line accessible across all your devices, you’ll always be able to provide top-notch customer service and keep your operations running smoothly. Don't wait any longer - join the ranks of thriving Texas companies today by getting a local number with Grasshopper!

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  • Establish a local presence for customers in Texas.
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  • Search 210, 214, 254, 281, 325, 346, 361, 409, 430, 432, 469, 512, 682, 713, 737, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972 and 979 Texas area codes.
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Benefits of Getting a Texas Phone Number

Trust & Credibility:

Getting a business phone number with a Texas area code can make you stand out to locals, helping them feel a quick connection with your brand. It's a simple way to build trust and keep your conversations with customers smooth and friendly, boosting the odds that they'll pick up the phone when you call.

Target a Specific Market:

If you’re looking to expand your business in Texas, getting a local phone number with a specific area code can really help you blend in and connect with the community. It’ll not only make it easier for Texan folks to find you in the online directory or otherwise, but it’ll also make them feel that much more comfortable working with a local business.

Improve Professionalism:

Getting a Texan phone number for your business in Texas can significantly enhance your professional image and credibility, particularly if you're establishing a new enterprise. A local number not only makes your business appear more accessible and rooted in the community but also increases the likelihood that Texans will recognize and trust your brand. A Texas area code on your business phone can also give you a competitive edge, distinguishing you from out-of-state competitors and aligning your business with local landmarks and cultural nuances. This strategy is particularly effective in Texas, where community and local business support are highly valued.

Better Marketing:

Having a Texas phone number can really help your marketing. A Texas area code can make your marketing materials and website more appealing, as it helps show that you're a local, which will make your brand more relatable and visible. This local touch can build trust and make people more likely to engage with your business, leading to more customer interactions and more sales. It's a simple change that could make a big difference in how you connect with your customers in Texas.

Personalized Touch:

Getting a Texas phone number for your business can really help you connect with the local crowd. It shows that you're part of the community, which can make a great first impression and help build lasting relationships with your customers. Also, a local number will boost the visibility of your business in search results, making it easier for people nearby to find and reach out to you.


Having a separate business phone number is a smart move if you're planning to grow your business. It lets you handle all your business calls yourself at first, and as your team expands, you can easily forward calls to your new hires while keeping one main number for customer interactions. This setup not only keeps things organized but also maintains a professional image as your business scales up.

Plus, a dedicated business number means you can manage an increasing volume of calls more efficiently. As your customer base grows, being able to route calls to the right people without changing your main contact number ensures that customer inquiries are handled swiftly and professionally. This system helps prevent communication bottlenecks, which can happen when too many calls hit a single personal phone.


With a Texas business number from Grasshopper, you can stay connected to your customers no matter where you are. Whether you're on the go or working from home, this flexibility ensures that your customer service and business operations remain uninterrupted. It's all about the freedom to maintain contact with your customers and keep your business running smoothly, regardless of your physical location.

This flexibility is especially handy if you or your team work remotely. You can route your Texas number to any phone, whether it’s a landline or mobile, so you can answer calls from anywhere. This is perfect for virtual businesses or teams spread out across different locations, making sure you never miss those important calls. This setup not only keeps your business looking professional but also fits right into your lifestyle, ensuring you provide consistent and reliable service to your customers, no matter where you are in Texas or beyond.

Get New Customers With a Local Number in Any of These Texas Area Codes

  • 210 - Encompasses San Antonio and its surrounding areas, including Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, and Olmos Park; covers Bexar County and parts of its neighboring counties.
  • 214 - Covers much of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Dallas, Garland, Richardson, and Irving; one of the original area codes for Texas.
  • 281 - Encompasses the northern suburbs of Houston, including The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, and Tomball; part of the Greater Houston area.
  • 325 - Covers Abilene, San Angelo, and Brownwood; spans across the central part of Texas, including portions of the Big Country and Concho Valley regions.
  • 346 - Overlay area code for 713, 281, and 832; covers the same areas as these original codes within the Greater Houston area.
  • 361 - Encompasses Corpus Christi, Victoria, Kingsville, and Portland; serves the Coastal Bend region along the Gulf Coast of Texas.
  • 409 - Covers Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange; serves the southeastern region of Texas, including Jefferson County and parts of surrounding counties.
  • 469 - Overlay area code for 214 and 972; covers the same areas within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as these original codes.
  • 512 - Encompasses Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and San Marcos; covers Travis County and parts of surrounding counties in Central Texas.
  • 682 - Overlay area code for 817; covers the same areas within the Fort Worth metropolitan area as the original code.
  • 713 - Covers much of the central area of Houston, including downtown and inner-city neighborhoods; one of the original area codes for Texas.
  • 737 - Overlay area code for 512; covers the same areas within the Austin metropolitan area as the original code.
  • 806 - Encompasses Amarillo, Lubbock, and Plainview; spans across the Texas Panhandle and parts of the South Plains.
  • 817 - Covers Fort Worth and its suburbs, including Arlington, Mansfield, and Grapevine; one of the original area codes for Texas.
  • 830 - Encompasses New Braunfels, Kerrville, and Seguin; serves the Hill Country region in south-central Texas.
  • 832 - Overlay area code for 713, 281, and 346; covers the same areas as these original codes within the Greater Houston area.
  • 903 - Covers Tyler, Longview, and Sherman; serves northeastern Texas, including the Piney Woods and East Texas regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have all Texas area codes available?

We offer local numbers in many markets throughout the US. We cover major area codes like 214 for the City of Dallas. You can check for specific availability in Texas on our site or give us a call and we can try and help you locate the number you are looking for.

Can I transfer my Texas telephone number to Grasshopper?

The local Texas phone number you wish to transfer must be within our coverage area. Please check your existing local Texas numbers for coverage and make sure they are eligible for transfer before proceeding.

Should I have a Texas phone number or a toll free number?

The great thing about Grasshopper is it allows you to have both a local and toll-free number with our plans. However, if you are simply looking to make your small business sound bigger, an 800 number is probably what you want. If you are a large company looking to attain a local feel, a Texas telephone number is what you want.

Do I own the Texas phone number or does Grasshopper?

You are the valid end user/owner of a toll-free and a local number if you are in good standing with its provider (i.e. there are no balances on your account). You can transfer your toll-free and local number to other providers at any time, including the numbers assigned to you by Grasshopper. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.