Ever feel like your office design isn't working for you anymore?

If you're like me, you probably spend hours each day in the same space-- and you get tired of looking at the same old thing. When your office doesn't inspire or enable you to be productive, you lose precious working hours each week.

And if that's the case, your workspace is in desperate need of a makeover.

Here's a few tips for reworking your entrepreneurial office design.

1. Get Organized

The first step in your workspace makeover is to get organized. Clean everything up, file things away, even clean up that messy computer desktop while you're at it. When there's too much clutter and mess, you interrupt your workflow by digging through piles. Check these items off your list as you go through your organization frenzy:

2. Bring in Green

If you're stuck with a gloomy view of gray ,slushy snow right now (like me) or don't have a window in your office, bring in some plants to incorporate color. Bonus: Research shows that having green plants in the office boosts productivity by 12%. Not sure what kind to get? Try these:

3. Re-arrange your Furniture

Sometimes you just need to shift things around to feel like your office design is fully recharged. Try moving your desk closer to a source of natural light or even upgrading to a standing desk if you're tired of sitting all day. Make sure your arrangement is optimized so you can get to everything easily.

Need inspiration? Here's a list of 21 re-arranged office design ideas to help get you started.

4. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Studies show that different colors evoke different emotions when it comes to an office workspace. Plus, you can brighten or darken the room based on your needs just by changing the paint color (and without hiring an electrician to bring in new lighting.) So, what office vibe do you want your color to put off?

5. Bring in Some Scents

Having a candle or air freshener in your workspace can have an effect that makes your office feel more like a retreat than a holding cell. Now, I'm on board with the diffusing essential oils craze right now--and I enjoy the effects of the added moisture in the air--but if that's not for you, there are still some scents that can help improve your work environment.

6. Personalize

Your entrepreneurial office design should reflect your personality. Take the time to finally hang some wall decor, bring in a comfy place to sit, and some touches that make the space feel like it actually belongs to you. So often we are focused on getting tasks done that we don't even think about the importance of making an inspiring workspace.

Take it from Casey Neistat: A customized office is also wildly functional.

7. Check your Lighting Situation

We all know fluorescent lighting can be hard on the eyes--but do you also have the ability to adjust your office lighting throughout the day? If not, consider adding a few simple items that can make a big impact on your office design:

Your Office is your Home Base

As an entrepreneur, you probably spend a lot of time in your workspace doing important work. So why not make sure that it works for you? Take the time this month to refresh your office design and make your space more inspiring, more productive, and a better fit for exactly what you need.

Your turn: What would you add to this list?