Imagine this: it’s a busy day at work. A lot of calls are coming in, and the phone is ringing off the hook—which is the dream, right? More customers calls = more sales.

But what if your call-handling system isn’t efficient? The one thing that you’d want to avoid is keeping your callers on hold for a long time waiting for the next available line. You run the risk of them hanging up—costing you the opportunity to connect with a customer and make a sale.

So, how do you ensure you never miss a customer call? Having more employees available to answer calls may seem like the straightforward solution, but if the wait time for callers is still long, you will most likely end up in the same conundrum again . It’s also not always cost-effective to keep hiring new people.

The better solution to not missing calls lies in a modern business phone solution with a call blasting feature.

What is call blasting?

Call blasting is a call management feature that allows you to ring all your forwarding numbers simultaneously during an influx of calls so they can be answered quickly.

If you have multiple call forwarding numbers, call blasting will ring each line at the same time and pass the call to the first available receiver. This reduces on-hold time for your callers, therefore improving the customer experience and getting you to a sale quicker.

How does call blasting work?

The phones are ringing—you have five potential customers who want to talk to the sales department. After listening to your customized phone menu, the potential customers enter the extension number to speak to sales. However, all your sales assistants are already engaged in calls.

Without call blasting, calls will go through a queue from Salesperson A to Salesperson B to Salesperson C, and so on until someone is available to answer. Your customers now have a longer wait time, especially if all your sales department is busy.

With call blasting, all sales personnel will get the incoming calls forwarded to their number, so whoever is available will pick up the next call in the queue. Calls don’t have to go in order from Salesperson A-Z anymore, which will reduce wait times for customers. This way, there are fewer calls missed and more opportunities to respond to customers.

What are the benefits of call blasting?

1) Every call is answered

There’s a higher likelihood of customer calls being answered with call blasting enabled—allowing for more opportunities to connect with callers and deliver a positive customer service experience.

More calls answered means increased chances to reply to queries, promote new products, and close deals. Less missed calls also translate to a better customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

At the end of the day, happier customers and more opportunities to make a sale will positively impact bottom-line growth.

2) Sales reps have an equal chance to answer a call

Instead of going through a line of sales personnel, the calls now form a queue for the next available salesperson to take.

This gives each rep an equal opportunity to answer a call and make a sale. It’s also more efficient because you can take more calls in the same amount of time, which is good for closing sales and keeping customers happy–see #1!

3) More time zone coverage

If your team works with customers across different time zones, call blasting can help by quickly routing calls to the first available salesperson on the shift.

Calls that come in during early mornings and late nights will go straight to the first available receiver on shift. This continues to reduce wait time for the customer and ensures you don’t miss any calls, even during odd hours. You’ll be able to make sales and address customer queries around the clock.

Try Grasshopper’s call blasting feature

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Here are three reasons to try call blasting with Grasshopper:

  1. Set up call blasting the way you want—for all your extension numbers or customize it for each individual number you have.

  2. Support up to 15 different call forwarding numbers.

  3. Affordable add-on for only $10 per month.

Never miss a call again

Call blasting is a powerful addition to your business. By making sure as many calls as possible are answered, you have more chances to close sales and improve customer experience, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

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