If you’re an entrepreneur, you know how fast-paced each day can be. Emails, phone calls, customer care, tech support, employee management—whew! When you’re starting to feel like keeping all those balls in the air is getting to be a bit much, it might be time to consider a virtual receptionist solution.

4 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Accelerate Your Small Business

Virtual receptionists remotely handle incoming calls for your business, take messages, answer customer calls, route calls to the appropriate department or individual, and more. You can use virtual receptionist solutions to stay connected with your customers in a completely customizable way as well—whether you need them 24/7, 365 days a year, during specific business hours, part-time, or even just as a backup when you’re not available.

Virtual receptionists are different than auto attendant phone systems, which are automated services that provide things like call answering, call transfers, and standard business information. While an auto attendant can perform some useful tasks for incoming customer calls, they tend to be impersonal with limited functionality.

How does a virtual receptionist work?

There's a variety of virtual receptionist solutions and services available, each offering different features and levels of customization to suit your business needs. However, it’s important to note that not all virtual phone receptionist services are created equal.

A high-quality virtual receptionist service should check a few key boxes. First, go with a virtual receptionist solution that guarantees highly trained receptionists. You want experienced professionals trained to handle calls and provide a seamless experience for your clients. Second, your virtual receptionist software should offer robust customization options, like custom greetings, call handling instructions, real-time local info, and answers to frequently asked customer questions.

4 Key Ways Virtual Receptionists Are Important

1. A virtual receptionist makes you appear more professional.

Having a virtual receptionist gives your business a polished and professional image, ensuring your customers see you as consistent and reliable. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner, presenting yourself as organized and attentive can make a significant impact on customers and potential clients.

2. A virtual receptionist means you’re always accessible.

Say goodbye to missed calls and frustrated clients. Having a virtual receptionist means you know that every call will be answered promptly, even when you’re busy or unavailable. This round-the-clock availability builds trust with your customers, showing you are committed to their needs while also relieving you of duty so you can focus on other priorities or recharge your batteries.

3. A virtual receptionist offers streamlined customer communication.

A high-quality virtual receptionist service allows you to tailor the experience to meet your specific business needs, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. When you’re juggling many different responsibilities, a virtual receptionist allows you to focus on other priorities while feeling confident that customer communication is being handled efficiently and professionally.

4. A virtual receptionist is always on, even when you’re off.

With after-hours support, your business remains accessible 24/7. This extended availability not only enhances customer service but also enables you to capitalize on opportunities that arise outside of traditional office hours, giving you an edge over the competition.

Get the best communication tools and virtual receptionist software with Grasshopper and Ruby

At Grasshopper, we strive to bring the absolute best communication tools to small business owners and entrepreneurs. That's why we partnered with Ruby to provide top-tier virtual receptionist software that can help take your business to the next level of growth.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a small business virtual receptionist solution that provides experienced, professional, U.S.-based virtual receptionists. They not only save you time by handling calls, but make create personal experiences for people who contact your business. In fact, many people who talk to Ruby’s receptionists think they’re talking to an in-house employee. Most people who interact with your business likely want to feel they’re talking to someone in your office. Ruby’s technology makes customers feel like they are speaking with someone local.

And with industry-leading answering speeds and additional features like scheduling, payment processing, and new client intake, you can rely on Ruby to handle customer touchpoints like pros.

Best of all? Ruby is affordable and simple to use. We always operate with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind. We know your resources and time are precious, so we offer the very best services within your budget and without complex interfaces and onboarding.

Take your business to the next level with Grasshopper and Ruby

When your business starts to grow, you want your communication and customer service to grow with it! A virtual receptionist can enhance customer experience, boost efficiency, and ultimately drive scalable business growth.

At Grasshopper, we understand the importance of providing reliable and effective solutions to support your business's success. With our collaboration with Ruby and other add-on solutions, we're dedicated to helping you accelerate your business and achieve your goals. From managing incoming calls to enhancing customer interactions, Grasshopper and Ruby are here to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about all the communication solutions Grasshopper and Ruby have to offer and start your free 7-day trial today!