Why Vanity Phone Numbers Work

Learn why vanity numbers are so successful for businesses

There has been a wide debate on whether or not business owners should invest in vanity phone numbers to attract clients.

Vanity phone numbers are toll free numbers that spell out words in the phone number that match the numbers on the keypad. These letters can be your company logo, abbreviations, or phrases you use throughout advertising campaigns. Vanity phone numbers are said to increase brand recognition

Review some of the various studies conducted below and see if creating a vanity number is the right choice for you.

Mountain Marketing Group conducts surveys and research to rate the success of various types of advertising and marketing.  In their latest study, they found:

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When prospects can recall your phone number, they are more likely to call you when they have a need for your products or services and it certainly seems that vanity 800 numbers are far more memorable than numeric numbers. Recall rates statistically show that hot leads will call an alpha number before they will call a numeric 1-800 number.

If you are in the process of starting a business or you simply want to attract more prospects, keep these statistics in mind.  There are online tools available to assist you with creating the right vanity phone number that will stay in the mind of your prospects long after your advertisement has run (Case in point: 1-800-CHARTER, the favorite “get help somewhere” joke of middle school students, is still stuck in the minds of that generation, as evidenced by the Facebook group “Whatever happened to 1-800-CHARTER?”). After all, you want people to think of you first when they have a need for your product or service!